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Your Health is Your Wealth

One of the many beautiful things about my life is that I have spent a lot of my time with people.

Understanding and learning about how they live their lives so that movement or meditation can work for them in a helpful way so they too can access the beauty in their own lives.

The honest truth we all know deep down and are reminded of when we hear of illness is that Health is our wealth. It's an incredibly basic understanding. Yet we play the line with our health every single day. Sometimes over and over across the day.

That line could be the stress we allow ourselves to experience, the enviroments we live or work in, the thought patterns we create and belive, the habits we form, the lack of sleep we wear like a badge of honour, the food and alcohol we consume, the lack of physical exercise we do - And I could keep going however I am sure you see it is not just one thing, it is every choice you make. Just one thing in three of those areas of your life in a day is enough to negatively impact your mind, body and spirit. Yet we relentlessly keep playing the line because nothing has happened today....

The other play is how you advocate for your own health out in the world.

Nobody knows your body like you do. So when you don't feel one hundred percent and you go looking for answers, it's incredibly important that you get them. Too often I have spoken with clients about their deep concerns and frustrations at being told they are "within a normal range" on their tests or that they don't really feel like they do or that how they feel is "normal for their age".

You are the expert on you. You are the mouth piece for your own health and wellbeing. Trust yourself.

If something has changed and you know it, you can feel it within yourself then please ask as many questions as you can until you find the answer. Your health is your wealth. Question, keep questioning and seek the answers that will guide you back to feeling the way you want to feel.

Similarly working on your physical, mental and emotional health is just that it's work.

It is your work that can not be outsourced.

Your thoughts, words and actions hold the key to you living a beautiful and abundant life.

Every day there are two alarms that go off on my phone.

  1. Only you can do the work.

  2. This is ALL your choice.

My kids think it is hilarious and often when it is quiet I will hear "Hey Mum, only you can do the work" followed with us laughing. They don't realise I love that, because it is something they will remember forever.

Your health is your wealth and only you can do the work to access it and to advocate for it.

Why settle?

Why choose to sell yourself short of days filled with life?

What is beautiful about my life, is that I get to help people find their way forward to helping themselves access their own abundance, to understanding that it is possible for them. To remind them of what so many have forgotten, that their health is their wealth and the key is in every single choice they make, every single day.

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