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You can be your own utopia.

There is a certain moment when I am working with my body that I feel something that I would describe as serenely blissful. Yes, I struggle to describe it with words. The feeling is that of floating in joy, and absolute comfort. It is a sensation that floods my senses and is incredibly rewarding.

To be clear, I am not talking about planking or lunging my way into this state, that is a whole other state of being. It is the result of stretching, balance, and breathwork. This combination is able to wake all my senses and gradually build layer by layer a feeling of complete ease and harmony in body, mind, and spirit.

As you would have experienced there are many kinds of movement that can elicit different ranges of feedback from your body. Each teaches you more about yourself in part, few are able to guide you into a united mind, body, soul lesson. Each reaches you differently. Each works with your body in different ways. I do question how often we recognise the nuances in the feedback our bodies offer?

For me to arrive at this state of being I work through a quiet slow conscious practice. The intentionally long build starts introspectively in the breath and then gradually moves outward into movement that's sole purpose is to warm, nourish, balance, and release the body from the load it carries. To achieve a state of flowing harmony that can be felt from my toes to the top of my head. A sense of joy that I feel radiating in every part of my being.

The bodies feedback created in this experience is designed to induce a sense of wholeness.

Complete connection.

To create an expanded state of being.

It is not yoga, nor meditation it is a combination of modalities one drawing on the support of the other to give rise to an experience that is beyond any of them individually.

Feeling ease in your body through movement as we age can sometimes feel elusive or in some cases not possible at all. We make the effort to return to what we have tried in the past only to meet with resistance, frustration, struggle, and on occasion a new understanding of failure.

If you have been injured or if you haven't felt comfort in your body for a while, please let me reassure you, you can. Feeling comfort and ease in your body is a process that with the action of conscious practice will delightfully engage all of your senses. Your body, mind, and spirit are waiting for you to experience more of it.

Being in oneness with yourself is a state of being that we can all achieve. It is the foundation of wellness and the gateway to long-term movement. What if from time to time you challenged what you are familiar with? Challenged what you have already experienced to learn and understand the vast range of sensations that the union of your mind, body, and spirit can offer you?

You are your own endless adventure.

You can be your own utopia.

Arlais Pilates classes help you achieve your own goals.

Pilates Classes programmed specifically for your own needs using reformer pilates, mat pilates, stability ball, barrel, tower, and barre these personal one-on-one classes help you create tone while building core strength, flexibility, and balance. Reformer Pilates classes for people living in Sandgate, Brighton, Shorncliffe, Deagon, Boondall, Bracken Ridge, and Taigum.

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