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You are being given lazy advice.

How many times have you seen it written pretty much anywhere that to be successful in your life and your wellness you need to be awake and scribing in a journal at 4am?

If your wellness or life success came down to being up at 4am scribing in a journal I am sure you would participate. It is a ridiculous notion that is being perpetuated by individuals who don't know what else to write in their self-help Instagram, Facebook or weekly emails.

As someone who has been up at 4am, actually it used to be 3:50 am every morning for almost 10 years I am here to share with you that it does not work for everyone. It worked for me for a long time until it didn't.

What I find hard to read about these lazy perhaps even reckless throw-away "best habits" or "success habits " is that there is zero acknowledgment of the fundamental differences we are and have as human beings. With the exception of some writing that you just need to "retrain" yourself to become a morning person.

Bio individuality is completely ignored and recklessly pushed aside for a hashtag.

4am is an incredibly beautiful time of the day. There is a collective silence, no birds, no traffic, no trees blowing ( most days ) the earth feels like it collectively collaborates to harmoniously meditate. There is without question a magical feeling to this time of the day. However, it is also the time of day that your body is in collaboration with mother nature to provide you with your deepest most restorative rest you get while you are asleep. Your body is regenerating, resetting, and working hard to heal itself. Your nervous system is in a state of total harmony.

So why would you want a blaring alarm to interrupt all that good work to get you up, possibly to drink coffee, and get your day started?

Well, we are told it is because of two simple reasons:

  1. It gives you a chance to focus on what you want to create for yourself before anyone else disturbs you.

  2. It offers you extra hours in the day to really get the "jump" on everyone else.

What you are not being told is that the best way to get the "jump" on your life is to get the good quality sleep that allows your entire body to do what it needs to do in order to keep you healthy. Healthy in two ways.

  1. To deeply regenerate and cleanse itself.

  2. To rest your nervous system.

Regenerating and cleansing yourself from the inside out feels fairly self-explanatory - your body works hard for you while you sleep. All of your systems are doing their greatest work. You are not eating or snacking which really offers your organs the opportunity to do the majority of their best work at this time. You are simply sleeping your way to better health.

The second point is just as important as the first. Your nervous system needs time to relax. Your nervous system heavily impacts your cardiac and respiratory systems. While you sleep your body works to turn off its fight or flight sympathetic nervous system and it switches over to your parasympathetic nervous system. This can help your body's blood pressure to regulate, your breathing to slow, your hormone response and so much more.

If you are waking up as suggested by so many "insta / Facebook / online experts" at 4am to scribble in a book about all you hope but don't know how to make it that way life to be, you are interrupting the most valuable part of creating your life. Your highest quality restorative sleep.

The alternative is to learn about getting the best quality sleep you can. To learn techniques such as meditation that will actually help you make far greater gains than scribbling aimlessly into a book that will gather dust.

I should say, I am not against journalling I just fear most people don't know what, how or why they are doing it so they just do it because like getting up at 4am they are told it will help them to create success.

Time for achieving your goals is important there is no question. However, it does not need to be at 4am.

Instead of waking at 4am you can:

1. Allocate 30 mins of uninterrupted time for movement every day. Yes every day.

2. Allocate 30 minutes of uninterrupted time to action the work you need to toward a personal goal.

You will see the needle move in your favor while living the health benefits of deep restorative sleep.

Let's stop perpetuating unhealthy "success habits" and start being honest about what it takes to create and achieve your personal goals.

Sleep is elusive for many people, some find it hard to fall asleep, others find it hard to stay asleep, some find it hard to find restorative sleep and all of these factors should be taken into account. Next time you read about someone's success tips, fit tips, or morning routines I ask you only to think of yourself. Think of how you are feeling, how much sleep you are regularly getting, what health issues you have and what you really want to achieve. Waking up at 4am is a huge load on your body that more than likely will not see you creating anything other than more issues to deal with down the track.

Sleep well beautiful ones.

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