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Why, natural and plant-derived Skincare?

As beauty consumers, we no longer want synthetic skincare that performs or natural skincare that doesn’t.

Skincare is one of the biggest personal care purchasing decisions you invest in, which makes changing the brand that you know a big deal. With skincare change usually starts with a friend recommendation. Someone you know and trust that has tried something new and loves it. They can see and feel the difference that is happening for them and want to share it with you so you can enjoy the benefits too.

The skincare category is bustling with hype that comes from the industries extraordinary marketing investment. As a consumer learning about key active ingredients and new products in market is often done when you start to notice that what was once working for you, is not giving you the same results it used to. Often this becomes most noticeable with a change of season.

Here in our blog space I feel like it is about collating and refining the information that is out there on the inter-webs and sharing with you the best of it, so why not start with Natural and plant derived skincare.

Natural and plant-derived product has been crafted to give you a sense that the formulations have been created from mother nature herself. Which in fact if they are labelled accordingly they should be.

Natural and plant-derived should mean that the product is providing a balance of compounds that are not potentially as disruptive to some of our bodies systems as the synthetic ingredients have the potential to be.

An important part of the transition from synthetic to natural and plant derived is the proven ingredient research and development by skincare companies. As a consumer this research serves two main purposes:

1 | Educates us on what is available

2 | Demonstrates active ingredients that will benefit our intentional skincare program.

The benefits of plant derived products really come down to the way the body processes the ingredients and the long term impact they potentially have. Botanicals are full of anti oxidant, anti inflammatory and contain antimicrobial properties. The sense that botanicals also have a more beneficial impact on your overall health long term is a serious consideration for many consumers.

My skin feels the seasons, and like you I need to ensure that what I am investing in is going to have a positive impact on my skincare both short and long term. The challenge for the skincare is always the results we see and feel for ourselves. Skin responds quickly to a change in product, as the largest organ of our body the consideration to care for it is simple.

Using product varies across the requirements we are seeking to meet, it might be pigmentation, hydration, anti aging, calming sensitive skin or any number of things we want to placate and address. The question is not if plant based product can achieve the desired results but how do you choose a brand that is what it says it is?

Start by looking for ingredients such as Aloe, Pectin, flower extracts, leaf extracts, vitamins these will be listed on the packaging or the brand website. Learn a little about the brand and it's ethos, where are it's products sourced and are they choosing plant-derived or active natural ingredients?

Which leads us to choosing your brand, this is so regularly based on personal preference along with the understanding that what you are choosing has within it quality active ingredients. Changing product is exciting, new product potentially means new results. Now you can choose with a little more knowledge as when we know better, we choose better.

Natural and plant-derived feel special, like you are intentionally making a choice to love your skin a little more. Holding your cleanser and knowing that what you are putting onto your skin daily comes from mother nature herself brings a heightened level of joy.

Daily skin care rituals are such a beautiful part of our life, using natural or plant-derived skincare is just another way to elevate the experience in your day.

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