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What just happened?

Time has fled.

What I used to know is no longer. I used to know that I could be spritely on 2 hours of sleep, that caffeine would befriend me enough to stave off any questions about said lack of sleep appearance. I used to know that my skin would bounce back from too much sugar, fatty food, or alcohol. I used to know that just my absolute passion for life would get me through anything. I used to know that I could push just a little bit harder without the proverbial breaking point ever being reached, you know that one we all love to reference now. I used to know that I still had years to see, listen and watch my kids grow. I had years to create the life of my dreams....... You feel it don't you. You know this right, you feel it too.

Time has fled and here we are standing at its stop looking around with our bag of dreams wondering if we have missed it or if it just hasn't arrived yet. There is that uncertainty that sits heavily in your stomach making you feel just the slightest bit nauseous or maybe even anxious but you can't decipher which it is as you wait longer than you should..

Look around friends, we are standing here together. I see you with your bag of dreams and the guesstimates you are making about how much time you have to make them happen. I love that we are standing here together. A cohort of sisters, pondering some of the greatest questions life will ever offer up. At least we are together, there would be nothing worse than the feeling of standing here looking around and there is no one there to share this with.

Silly things happen, like looking at one of the children in disbelief that he is as big and as grown and as brave and as kind as he is. It's like I blinked and missed something. Where did the ages of 9 or 12 go, what happened to those years I feel like it all went too quickly. Or celebrating parent's 70th or 75th birthdays, I just remember them at 50. Who took 63 or 67 where did those conversations go?

It's the big things like seeing the calendar at the half-year and standing still to think is this almost another year gone? It's the numbers clicking over on everything. Yet it isn't really the number is it?

What we don't give voice to is that it is really the possibilities, the experiences we become scared of missing such as the sweet bleary-eyed smiley-faced good morning mum cuddles from the not-so-little ones. It's the possibility that our dreams even the secret ones may actually always just stay like that, forever dreams. Never to be fulfilled. Never to be experienced.

When I meet people through Arlais or in the world, we speak of life's hopes, of dreams, of favorite times and places. What we don't very often speak about is the fact that we are standing at the stop waiting to catch the life ride. Waiting to live out the pocket hopes or the really big life dreams that all along we have held so closely. To experience that moment, that sound, that place, that pleasure, that energy.

We play as if life is infinite as if experience is endless and time is just a feature on our iphones. As if tomorrow will always come and this continuum is gifted to us for eternity. Then you see your reflection somewhere, somehow and all of a sudden that feeling in the pit of your stomach rises to meet your breath, and you are stopped in your tracks hoping that someone is going to pull you out of the freefall of thought you find yourself in wondering where it has all gone.

That has been happening a lot for me, for those that I speak to which is why I feel I can safely say you are here with me. So what now then? Have we missed the ride or is it still coming?

Look, for sure we have squandered some time. I will put my hand up first and say, I thought there might have been by the time I got older a pill that we could take that would keep us pushing along for so much longer. Turns out I didn't figure on a pandemic, that has really shaken things up!!!!

What I have done is committed to doing it all better. Right here, right now and because I know sometimes the cohort needs a little inspiration to move as a collective I have created the Arlais Soul Members community.

A home of sorts where we can remember how to not let life go by without living bigger, brighter, and maybe even louder. A hub of soul adventures, a commune of curious conversations that will have you smiling with delight or finding fabulous fun in the unfamiliar. One experience after another.

Life was meant to be lived by all of us, we just forgot that when we had children, or maybe our idea of adventure just skewed for a moment and we took the delight in the adventures that they took. That is a beauty in and of itself. However all the while, we forgot the clock was ticking, we forgot that life's ride would not wait. I am so glad we are all here together because I am pretty sure I see the ride coming and it has enough seats for all of us to climb in and take these experiences together.

To join me in the Arlais Soul Member community click here I am sure these will be soul experiences you will cherish forever.

Bec x

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