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What are you doing today?

It is rare that I can ask a person what they are doing for the day and they don't answer with a long laundry list of what is racing around in their mind - the should do list, and then the actual will do list of work and home duties that "must" be done.

It's the humdrum of daily life, those lists may contain things like going for a walk, caffeinating, cleaning and collecting children, meetings, meetups or just continuing to plough through the never ending pile of work that comes your way. It's a litany of rigorous routine that has days flowing from one to the next but all folding into the same day over and over again.

As I sit at my desk writing to you, I hear the gentle sound of classical music floating through my office, the scent of my favourite candle burning hangs in the air, a pot of chamomile & lemon tea sits to my right, phone, notepad and pen to my left. It's my writing routine.

Routine is important, it helps to give us structure, predictability and a sense of comfort. It is how we choose to spend the majority of our time even on weekends. As the seasons change so may the activities that are scheduled but not the routine itself. We simply replace one with another. And the days continue to flow one to the next but all folding into the same day when we look back at the weeks and months we have lived.

Rituals offer a depth, a substantial beautiful impact to your life of routine. It's not that we don't have them, it's that we are yet to acknowledge them as such. It's not that they are hidden, it's just that we haven't thought to view them this way. They are the non negotiable actions that feel just a little bit more than the others that are on your list today.

You can feel them by the way you let go of your breath just for a moment when you get to them. Or the spacious feeling, the deeper level of comfort, that you savour in the moments you live them.

When we had 5am classes I lived a ritual that would start my day by seeking out the moon, taking a slow breath, and saying good morning before I went inside or opened the gate. It was a little daily ritual that I loved, greeting the day with the simple beauty that those few moments held.

As an action it wasn't grand, it was just a few intentionally created moments that my whole being existed in.

It was my connection to the greatness of the possibility the day offered. It was comfort.

Of course we can actively create rituals that are grand and not part of our daily life. We will get to those another day. You will always know a ritual by the way they feel in the moments you live them.

By seeking out the rituals in our daily life and acknowledging them, you interrupt that feeling of all your days flowing from one to the next but all folding into the same. Rituals are what make us feel alive.

What are you doing today?

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