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Wellness and Beauty.

The Arlais Online Shop is almost ready to launch.

It has been slower than I originally planned, it will be well worth the wait though I promise.

The slow down happened when I realised that Beauty has always been my through-line.

The north star.

So in order to serve that understanding, the original plan had to change.

Beauty is my highest value. It's something I share often, always being clear that it is not the shape, form, or visual beauty, it is an all-encompassing devotion to what I can only describe as a feeling or a knowing.

I feel, sense, and will seek beauty for comfort. For me, beauty is not what something looks like. It is more sensory than that. It is clarity, regardless of its form - be it a conversation, experience, the feeling of a person, an atmosphere, or way, that meets me in my soul.

A lifetime ago I went to and spent 1 year at the best Beauty School in Australia.

It was both a learning and an experience. One of the unexpected lessons it shared with me was that just because something has the appearance of beauty, does not make it beautiful.

One of my favourite things to do at Beauty School was to go behind the scenes and absorb the alchemy of all that was happening in the lab and with production. There was blending, testing, many conversations happening all at once, there was packaging and shipping, every single step felt magical.

It was a complete sensory experience. Going back into the school, after being in that space felt a little lackluster if I am going, to be honest.

It was the Alchemy of Beauty that called to my heart and still does.

The how does it work, why does it work, what is it made of, when do you see it working and who does it work for, how do other people feel it, why do we all experience it so similarly when we are so individual?

After a phone call one day about the online shop, I spent some time thinking about all of it.

What it felt like, how it would serve you and why it felt like an important piece of the Arlais experience.

This is what I know.

Beauty is the word we reach for to explain the delight we experience in and across all of our senses.

When we smell something pretty - it's beauty.

When we see something appealing - it's beauty.

When we taste something well balanced - it's beauty.

When we hear something otherworldly - it's beauty.

When we touch something pleasing - it's beauty.

And when you combine any of those senses, it is "absolutely beauty".

The online shop took a turn from "products" to sensory experiences you can have at home or with you wherever you are.

Soon you will be able to feel the full expression of beauty in a way that meets all of your senses, that will be experienced in your mind, body & spirit.

Wellness and Beauty feel like the true alchemy of life.

Every single step feels magical and I can't wait to share it with you.

Bec x

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