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Wellness is the process of voting for the life you want to live in every single choice you make.

That process becomes a journey, and that journey becomes an everyday adventure.

One step at a time, please don't overcomplicate it.

Don't rush it, become impatient, or lose the joy of the possibility to the sacrifice of the moment.

Savor the evolution of the wellness you are creating for yourself.

The simplicity of wellness is its beauty.

It is the union of one choice followed by action repeated over and over again.

It is not the potions or lotions, nor the pills or products that we get lost in.

Rather the connection wellness gives us to the life we want to live.

To mobility, to balance, to strength, to clarity, to energy, to desire, to freedom.

Once you decide how you want to live, and what journey you want to take,

every action that follows will either move toward wellness or away from it.

Living without restriction, without pause, pain, or panic is the very essence of living a beautiful life.

Wellness is a process, and that process becomes a journey, that journey becomes an everyday adventure.

Don't overcomplicate it.

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