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Weight gain, brain fog and a lack of motivation..

When you are holding up the world for your family, you are going to feel tired.

You are going to feel exhausted and you are going to let the most mundane of tasks slip.

The standard to which the women I work with hold themselves too is unimaginable.

You don't have to do it all to have it all.

If you have a daily task list that makes you want to stay in bed because you are exhausted before you even set your feet to the ground and start the day then I urge you to re-evaluate what you are doing and why you are doing that to yourself.

Burnout is real and it looks lot like weight gain, fatigue, lack of motivation, social catch ups being missed, brain fog, classes being missed, a short temper, immune systems being compromised, hormones running wild, relationships at home and work being challenged by feather light issues that feel like lead falling upon you. It has you feeling like you are living in someone else's body, watching someone else's life as it happens live.

Please take a minute and think about your day today. How many questions did you answer? How many souls did you offer a kind word or support to? What did you pack, cook, clean, organise, shop or prepare? Where did you drive? How long did you spend waiting on other people? How many phone calls, emails or text messages did you respond too? What percentage of the day were you multi tasking? How much of your time did you offer other people? Do you care for anyone other than yourself? Did you spend time listening, being a friend, helping or being there for someone else?

Thinking about your day, how much time did you devote to yourself? To your own care? How kind were you to yourself? Did you smile at the thought of how much you love your life? Did you take a minute to breathe and feel the tension release from your shoulders? Did you nourish yourself with love? Did you feel love?

Did you feel happiness? Did you laugh, no like really laugh? Did you sleep well? Did you wake up peacefully and set your intention for the day? Did you let yourself off the hook for the stuff that won't matter next week? Did you hug someone? Did you stretch? Did you exercise? Did the sunlight fill your eyes? Did you make peace with something that has challenged you?

When you are holding up the world for your family or for yourself in a way that doesn't support your wellbeing it takes from your soul. Burnout is real. Your nervous system will break itself trying to fight your fatigue and support the life you are surviving right now.

Most women I work with are combating fatigue, some total burnout.

Living a big life isn't the issue, living a big life well is incredibly beautiful.

However when you are living in a way that is taking away from you experiencing that beauty and you no longer feel the spark you used to, you longer have the zest to get out into the world, your sense of humour is diminished, your temper is short, your tongue sharpe, sex is on a timer, and fun is now sleeping in until lunchtime then you might be experiencing more burnout than big life beauty.

Being well and living well helps you to combat the chaos that your nervous system has experienced.

Have your wellness serve you and your goals. Let it be your guide to getting back the spark, joy and energy you used to feel.

Join the Arlais Virtual Wellness Studio HERE then book in for a one on one goal setting session so you can combat the chaos and create the kind of wellness that will have you living a big beautiful life.

Arlais Virtual Wellness Studio.

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