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Virtual Wellness Studio

Wellness is an aligned harmonious state of being.

Arlais is transitioning into a Virtual Wellness Studio and this is your invitation to join!..

It's a big step, but aren't they all!....

What is a Virtual Wellness Studio?

It is an online home that offers a varity of wellness practices, tools, and ideas with the aim of helping it's members have access to all of it 24/7 . So that no matter where you are or what time works best for you, you can stay connected to your wellness classes, courses, programs and conversations. To ensure you do not have the feeling of being overwhelmed by what to do when, there will be weekly guidance for you to be able to access.

Achieving Wellness is about doing more than one thing.

The Arlais Virtual Wellness Studio invites you to start where you are and take what you feel you need.

You will be able to ask the questions you want to ask to help you move into a state of wellness or grow the state of wellness you are in. There will be classes, courses, programs, live conversations and community.

There are three key focus areas that Arlais Virtual Wellness Studio will focus on:




That means by being a member in the virtual studio some of the things you will be able to experience are:

Yoga, breathwork, stretching, pilates, balance, energy work, meditation, sleep, food knowledge + recipes, mindset conversations, motivation, beauty classes and more.

How does a Virtual Wellness Studio work?

You become a member here and then each week you will recieve an email with access to that weeks classes and converstations that have been created specifially to help you on your wellness journey.

Being vitual means you don't have to ever miss a thing. It is all there for you, when you have the time and space to be able to experience it.

What are the benefits of joining a Virtual Wellness Studio?

Consistency and focus are the biggest challenges for people when it comes to their wellness.

Being virtual means that we can stay connected and motivated before and after whichever class, course or program you have choosen to do that day or week. You don't just finish your class or consult and walk out, staying connected is key to keeping you motivated!

Access at a time and place that works for you. How many classes have you paid for that you have had to reshedule or just miss out on because life got in the way of you being able to phyiscally be there?

Too many I am guessing. Being virtual, classes, courses and programs work for you.

Complete package in one place.

Wellness is more than just diet.

Wellness is more than just exercise.

Wellness is more than just positive thinking.

Being part of the Virtual Wellness Studio offers you access to a complete package, not just a single type of class, a diet or mindset. Being able to explore and experience a range of classes, methods, ideologies and concepts helps to keep you inspired along your wellness journey.

Community, conversation, and connection are really important when it comes to wellness.

That is why there is a special place for you to pop in and out of when you join as well as regular live classes or converstaions being held that you can be a part of if you choose.

Being able to offer you a Virtual Wellness Studio thats purpose is to help you reignite your spark

by starting and staying on your wellness journey feels beautiful.

Being able to offer it prior to launch for FREE feels incredible.

The Virtual Wellness Studio will launch on JUNE 2, 2022.


for FREE register HERE

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