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Brunch, dinner, or even breakfast... This vegetarian taco will tantalize all your taste buds.

Not ever being a fan of a meat taco I have always sort to avoid them where possible. Until I decided that I was missing out on the joy of sharing fun finger food with the kiddos. So I went about creating what I can only promise you is the yummiest taco I have ever had.

So let me share with you my ingredients below that serve 1..

1/4 cup Shaved cabbage

1/4 Carrot

1/4 Spring onion

1 fresh lime

1/4 cup capsicum

1/4 cup Cilantro

1/8 cup grated cheese or goats cheese

1 tablespoon Sour cream

Sweet chili sauce

Tortilla bread

Step 1.

Prep ingredients by washing and drying.

Shave the cabbage

Juliette the carrot ( finely )

Finely slice the spring onion

Zest the lime then juice it

Thinly slice the capsicum

Tear up the cilantro

Step 2

Combine the zest of 1 lime and the sour cream.

Step 3.

Plate your tortillas, spread the Lime zest sour cream across each.

Then place the other ingredients layer at a time.

Step 4.

Top with cilantro, lime juice and sweet chilli sauce.

Step 5.

Enjoy eating your fresh vibrant vegetarian Tacos.

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