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This, yes this feels good..

Taking care of yourself - daily wellness is essential if you want to power on and get the most out of your every day. Why does that need to be said, how is it that we have come so far in so much of our life yet taking care of ourselves is the last thing on the list?

Fluid retention is common. It is unpleasant and can feel frustrating when you struggle to move the fluid through your system. It can also be dangerous and should be addressed accordingly.

Interestingly there is a varying range of fluid retention, everything from your rings feeling a little tight to the extremes of lymphedema which can be crippling.

There are so many contributing factors that can impact your personal fluid retention situation. We just don't seem to talk about it or understand it as a common health issue. Unpredictable fluid retention can make you look puffy in the face, tummy, arms, and legs. It can be the cause of fatigue and show up in what feels like unusual symptoms such as shortness of breath.

Fluid retention happens for me on a sliding scale when I am lax on taking the steps that I have found work best and have implemented in my life to help me keep it at bay.

My favourite ritual that I know helps me to help my body is my bath time.

This bath time really does take time and to be honest I struggled with that for a little while until I reframed it and now feel it is absolutely essential for my wellbeing.

This is a ritual for my mind, body, and spirit that I relish, so let me share it with you.

There is a fluid retention stress connection that a lot of people don't identify. I find that by creating this ritual I become more present and find the space I need in the day to slow down.

I set aside an hour and a half and it feels indulgent the whole time which I think is possibly part of its charm.

Before the bath.

For 15 - 30 minutes I lay on the floor with my legs up the wall, if this wouldn't work for you - then elevating your feet while laying on your bed would also be beneficial, the reason I do it is that it helps to promote lymph flow.

Then as I draw the bath I spend that time dry brushing my body from toes up both the front and back of my legs, my glutes, my stomach, my decolletage, and my arms. I then massage my face.

The bath is warm but not hot, I include a blend of essential oils and a specific bath mix that promotes lymph flow and the light is low. All these elements matter. Usually, I soak for approximately 45 - 50 minutes. Often in silence other times with music depending on how the day has been and what I feel I need. My ritual includes the way I towel my body dry and the oil I use on my skin post-bath.

Keeping this bath ritual as part of my routine helps me to manage my fluid retention however it is not the only thing I do nor should it be for you. Noticing your fluid retention cycles is helpful, the next step is being able to observe what the key contributing factors are so you can build a plan that is going to help you help your body.

Take care of yourself, don't undervalue how much your body needs you to feel, and create rituals like these to keep you living life as your best self every single day.

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