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When was the last time you looked at your body naked and thought to yourself, you are incredible?

When was the last time you got dressed and thought to yourself, you look amazing?

When was the last time you stood in a room full of people and felt gratitude for the body you live in?

When was the last time you described yourself as beautiful?

When was the last time you leaned in to touch that set your body on fire?

When was the last time you savored the taste of something delicious?

When was the last time you heard a sound that felt like joy?

When was the last time you felt the calming sensation of your chest rising and falling?

When was the last time you told yourself you are love and you are loved?

#theartoflovingyourbody sounds so simple. Yet here we are 2021 and I know that should we be standing face to face and I asked you what you loved about your body - you couldn't get past 2 physical attributes. Possibly you wouldn't even mention what it does for you, or how incredible it feels to live in.

I have taught almost 7,000 hours of movement and the precursor to that movement is finding out why people are there. Every single person is there to change at least one physical aspect of their appearance.

Mind-blowing, I wish I could say it was.

We don't think about our physical appearance as children, we don't compare ourselves in any way, in fact, if you have seen small children play together they actually look for similarities, not differences. It is not until we are told that we are different in some way that is usually about physical appearance such as being too slouchy or naughty or quiet or fussy, that is different in some way that really comes into our consciousness.

Then we become consciously aware of our physicality, attitudes, and environments. With that awareness we start to observe others, in the same way, seeking parallels or disparities. This starts us evaluating or creating comparisons to others.

We create a level of awareness about what we believe to be our most positive attributes, ordinarily, these are garnered by what others have pointed out to you in a positive way. Developed in the early years we lean into these and form an opinion of what we don't like about ourselves compared to those we see around us in real life, on social media, and in the mainstream media.

The art of loving your body is not one that has been spoken about or taught from generation to generation.

Why though?

Or should the question really be, where / how do we even begin to speak about and create new conversations about the incredible art of loving your body? Please don't let this be misunderstood, the art of loving your body is not the same as body image, it simply is not. It is about the sensations and abilities and experiences it brings that are not determined by what it looks like.

The art of loving your body is about more than just its appearance. It is about the sensations it brings that feed your soul. It tastes, it listens, it moves, it touches, it sees, it inhales. It is all the senses set on fire or brought to rest. Nothing of which should be in any way a possible comparison to another.

Perhaps we could start with being aware of ourselves, of how quickly we disregard the beauty that body, mind, and spirit affords us. Of noticing the sensations that we are gifted every moment of every day. And maybe we could have these conversations of noticing and gratitude and appreciation of all of that which we are.

It is an art to love your body, to be aware, and to hold all that you uniquely are with tender care so that when another comes across you, they sense all of you and it brings them joy.

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