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The thing no one wants to say.

Not to your friends, not to your family, not to your work, not to your coffee person, not out loud to anyone.

Because once you do, the magic, that sparkle, that little bit of wonder, vanishes and you watch the light in the other person's eyes dim a little as they stare at you confused.

Looking someone in the eye and saying "I'm bored" is not popular at all.

Especially as an adult. You know that don't you?

You feel it, you can't help but feel it, you just don't say it. For lots of reasons, more than are listed above, and primarily because why would anyone want to be bothered by that little insight into what appears to be your pretty and rather polished suburban life?

It's not really worth bothering anyone with is it?.. Boredom now looks like scrolling, hours of scrolling a day.

Want the quickest way to really be truthful with yourself? Here it is, a simple but very clear technique - check your weekly screen time. Yes, I appreciate that lots of people fiddle about on their phones for work at various times across the week, however......

Sure you can fill in the time. You can quietly fill in the rest of your life feeling the way you do watching the highlights of other people's lives on whatever platform is your poison. I get it, it's hard as a parent to even feel indulgent enough to use the word boredom. Let's not forget here the very clear unspoken rule of don't be ungrateful, or don't complain because other people are worse off than you. The point we are missing when we say those things to ourselves or place ourselves in that narrative is that no one else in the entire universe is YOU!... A beautiful fact of life.

So if you are bored, if you are sick of living your spare time or not so spare time in 15-second sound-blaring or worse the computer-generated voice-over inspo videos it might be time to get inspired by the action you take not the action you may have watched other people take on your screen.

As you read this the reason you feel like I have been watching you in a reality show you didn't know you were in, is because I have felt it. I thought I was seeking adventure. Then when I delved into what adventure truly looked like, I felt slightly weak in the stomach at the thought of sailing the raging seas, diving with sharks, crossing a desert on a motorbike, hiking with bears, and shopping with thousands of people or actually just shopping in general really.

Perhaps for you, it is the heart-charging adventure that you crave, for me though the relief came when I realised what I was seeking was inspiration. I wanted to feel the delight of surprising beauty or discover the whimsy of an artist's work in real life, to taste something that charmed all of my taste buds, to read something that filled my heart with hope, to create, to paint more, to experience more of saying yes to things that I would normally say no too. Just to be in the world, hearing, seeing, feeling, tasting, and really appreciating what it is that living more life is like for your body, mind, and soul.

My first action step was to put down my phone and pick up a pencil. When I had less than 10 minutes to fill I would just carry a blank notepad and pencil and draw. Squiggles sometimes, anything to break the habit of mindlessly scrolling. I found an art club. I went to little exhibitions and sometimes the big ones. There are galleries in so many places now it's a gift. Then it was yes, to shows, travels, drinks, classes, walks, new people, and starting new things that required more effort than I had gotten comfortable making, just to give more of myself in new ways.

There are endless learnings and insights into what life has to offer and what we have to offer life that has come from seeking inspiration. So if you are feeling bored, try the tart instead of the slice, answer yes instead of a no, try an early morning sunrise instead of a sleep-in, the mountains instead of the seaside. It's all there waiting for you to choose it, to take action, to experience it, to create the kind of memories that make you smile as you wake up at whatever time. It's the magic, the sparkle, the light that brightens your eyes.

Ready, set, go, and find your inspiration again.

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