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The discovery of Change Pleasure.

Change is an etherial rainbow unicorn that haunts us all spreading it's magical self doubt glitter sprinkles on us when we most question our commitment to the elusive outcome that has been too hard to achieve but yet time and time again we promise ourselves we will try harder to get there next time. Next time we won't fail...... Or will we?????

So what if change itself was no less challenging than flipping a pancake?

If you were to believe the countless shelves of self help books I am proud owner of or the hundreds of hours of inspirational podcasts I have listened too or even all of the events I have gone to for the very secret of change itself to be shared with me by the guru of whichever method of life I am currently wooing with, all of these roads would lead you to a sales pitch. An endless bombardment of prewritten emails thrown at you every day telling you the secret to anything you ever wanted comes after you hit the payment button.

We both know by now let's face it I am a 43 year old women who has lived life, change is not a 21 day process nor is it a 100 day process. It is all held in a simple choice followed by a unique action. Repeated hourly, daily, weekly & forever. No promises, no sales pitch, no payment button.

What I suggested to you though was something tantalising, something salacious and juicy, believe me, it is and it can be for you too. "It" being change, just has to be thought of that way. Pleasure, a mind creation that comes from you and is for you can be aligned with the very change you call for.

Change pleasure is the destiny you arrive at when you can no longer stand the reality of the choices that constrict your fullest most exciting life potential.

It is still work, consciously you have to seek out the alignment of the path to pleasure in your choice to change. Then when you have aligned with the feeling of pleasure harness the feels and energy that flow through your entire body. Look for it, recognise it when you step into the new world that is your life.

Change Pleasure has benefits, you breathe what feels like a different air, you knowingly and on purpose hold yourself a different way. Your energy moves from low vibration to high vibration creating a pulsing sensation in your veins. You wake with curiosity.

Change isn't about getting to the end, it's about treating yourself to the life you deserve and in doing so, watching the new path appear in front of you. Stepping into the unique pleasure of what it feels like to be the director of that choice, that pleasure you experience in your whole body, everyday, every new choice you make.

Let me know if you are on the path to creating change and if perhaps you will now realign and move into seeking a ride that feels more like change pleasure than punishment?....

Bec x

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