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The Cycle.

If you haven’t been through this cycle I would be surprised.

You live large, burning the candle at both ends. Being reactive even to your own needs. Sleep is only essential for 4 to 6 hours in a 24 hour period. Deadlines rule the flow of your day and your cravings are feed because you know time is finite and finding an alternative or just fighting it will take more time than you have to give.

When you come out of that deadline, you look in the mirror or try to put on anything outside of what you wear to work everyday and you feel somewhat confused but accept that the deadline zone took it’s toll on you and yes maybe wellness was not your priority.

You have had to use the antidote before in cases like this, so you know what the formula is. You will eat very clean, book as many classes as you can get into at your favourite studio or if you prefer to hit the gym and make yourself a 7 day a week commitment to knock off the 6–10 pounds you picked up from the deadline zone you were locked in.

The next 2 weeks are more than punishing.

You are absolutely killing it though, so much so that every part of your body is screaming from the flogging you are pounding it with at every class you go to. I know, you know that feeling. You are asleep and you try to move or roll over and you suddenly stop, trying to change your mind but your arm is so numb you have to make the rollover move and it feels like you are committing to a full out gym session in the middle of the night. It doesn’t matter what it is, walking breathing it all hurts until you hit up your next class, the music starts and you just go for it all over again.

Because you are working out like the machine you are, a naughty snack isn’t going to make a dent in the calories you are burning up right now. So you eat the cake, the cookie, the lollies, the chips, the burger, the soda, the ice cream or whatever your thing is. But you are so darn committed and in the shred zone that you only eat a nibble, just some crumbs really because you are a calorie burning machine and you are focused.

That snack was good. Really good. It taunts you just a little on the day after you stay up too late to finish binge watching the series you put off while you were on deadline. So you snack on that good snack again and this time you aren’t going to deprive yourself because of course you are burning so many calories it kind of doesn’t matter anyway, does it?..

6 weeks in and while you are doing your class full out, you feel something odd happening in your leg. Like a twinge that you haven’t felt before. However you know that it is "No pain, no gain right".. So you push through. Waking up the next morning to what could only be described as an invisible screwdriver that must be jammed into the back of your calf muscle.

Walking is almost not possible. Ice and some anti inflammatory gel will get you back on track because nothing is going to keep you from being the best post deadline version of you. Nooothing…. But just to be on the safe side you might just take the next couple of days off to see how it feels.

Sleeping in feels so good, snacks are back on the table because your clean eating and 7 day a week classes are on hiatus until this niggling leg thing just feels a bit better when you walk. Go on you say to yourself, one glass of wine would be ok you don’t have class in the morning, why not?… So you stack a little snack with a glass of wine and the world feels just that little bit brighter again.

It’s been a week and the leg thing it turns out, was nothing more than a niggle that might just have been a stiff muscle from the beating you have been giving your body. As you walk back into class, you know that you are still going to smash it.

Oddly enough, the class wasn’t great. It felt hard. You didn’t like the music, it was too hot or cold, there were too many people or not enough. It just wasn’t that great. The next day, you decided that you might give the class a miss and add in a glass of wine and a naughty snack to your evening because you my friend know you are sleeping in.

The excuses you create for yourself mount and classes fall off to once a week and then once a fortnight until you are struck with another deadline that means you can’t go to class but you know you will be back.

And you do go back, when the cycle starts all over again.

In Studio as a teacher you are witness to this cycle over and over again.

Over commitment leads to overwhelm.

When the overwhelm occurs, the next step is the failure to keep up any type of commitment to personal wellness.

The 1 minute a day Mat Challenge is designed to help you feel what it is like to create a ritual for yourself. To just experience the release that can happen for you when you take the time to sit and breathe on your mat. Not to overwhelm or shock your body for an hour with a full class.

You get the feel good hit of dopamine as a reward because you achieved the daily challenge. You give yourself a minute to just separate from the busy of your day, 1 minute can still work even when you are deep into the deadline zone.

You create a ritual for yourself.

You start to appreciate that wellness is always available to you and that the cycle is harming you more than it is helping you.

1 minute each day for 7 days is harder than you think because of the way you think. Investing in your wellness isn’t an all or nothing exercise. It comes down to what is the choice you can make for your wellness that is going to work for you everyday.

You might just be surprised at what 1 minute a day for 7 days can do for you.

Balance isn’t always possible, however your wellness practice is.

If you are thinking to yourself, 1 minute a day isn't going to do anything this challenge is for you.

That is the lesson, that is the challenge. To over come yourself, the beliefs you have created that are not and have not worked for you.

Ready to join the 1 minute Mat Challenge that starts on September 1, 2022?

Join HERE and please remember, it's called a challenge for a reason!


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