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The benefit of starting yoga in your midlife.

Midlife, the place of no longers, not yets, endings, new beginnings, realising, and releasing.

It is a place few of us really prepare to be, a chasm away from our twenties in body but not in mind.

Here in this life phase, we settle upon drifting, waiting, and vigorously seeking to assimilate into the now ever-changing shell that holds our soul.

The beginning is the reckoning that guides you out of the struggle, from the feeling of being lost to yourself.

The feeling that you are no longer who you were but you don't know how to find out who you are. The suffering you are feeling because you are floating in the unfamiliar. The reckoning brings with it the quest for the recognition that you are not stuck, you can make midlife a whole new playground that brings you joy. It will take action and it will feel unfamiliar, that is to become the midlife mantra.

Yoga in midlife will help you put down your anchor so you can connect and feel more than you have ever felt before. This playground will require you to start at the beginning with a decision to try followed by a breath, a movement, and the support of a teacher who will acknowledge that you are here to find your way through the maze of midlife and back into the joy of being yourself again.

How do you brave the beginning of something again, when you are really in the middle...?

There is often an uncomfortable feeling around the beginning, a sigh or an apprehension that comes with "the start", because let's be honest you have started so many times before now and the thought of having to do it again is daunting, to say the least.

There is so much possibility when you let go of "I can't" or worse "I don't want too" and move into "I am" you are able to create a sensation in your body, mind, and soul of gratitude, one of the most beneficial chemical reactions in the brain. This feeling of gratitude and self-awareness is indeed a possibility in itself.

A beginner's mind can be such beautiful energy, standing, in the beginning, opens you up to endless possibilities. You have so much to gain, there is an opportunity here for you to feel, be and experience the excitement of exploring something new.

The beginning is an opening, a gateway to feeling something you haven't felt before.

"The beginning is your commitment to transformation"

What comes next is the moment of connection, a welcoming, a softening, a smile, a self-belief that you are there on the mat "doing yoga" because that is the commitment you have made to your own transformation and it happens to every single person that is open to starting at the beginning.

When people speak to me about Yoga, they speak of the ethereal yogic aspects which are incredible and fun and worthy of hours of conversations. However, it is the practical life benefits, the individual transformations that occur in people when they are on the mat that is so beautiful to witness as a teacher. Starting here in midlife at the beginning of the middle comes with rewards such as feeling refocused, revitalised, and most importantly reconnected with yourself and the community that you have become a part of on this journey to understanding your midlifeness.

Truly the benefit of starting Yoga in midlife is that your next foundation is built here, you are honoring the call to redefine your limiting boundaries, expanding what you know of yourself and who you are, rising in bravery. This is the power of midlife yoga.

You can create a midlife that is the most expansive of them all, a concoction of freedom, release, curiosity, and endless possibilities. So when you are ready, find a studio, find a class, find a teacher and find the courage to let yourself believe you are able to unwrap the gift that midlife has to offer you with all the loving kindness your beautiful soul deserves.

If you would like to start your midlife yoga journey join me in the studio by clicking the link below:

Bec x

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