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532 billion dollars is the annual global value of the Beauty Industry.

Inhale slowly as you take that in.

This is an industry that belies the curve that we are currently seeing of markets shape shifting by the hour, by the day and by the new regulations so quickly being imposed upon us.

This industry is live art, entertainment, comfort, hope and a place that allows us, to for a moment be swept up in the belief that life is the same shade of normal that it was last week.

So unique beauty in any form holds a special place in my soul. Following a conversation with a friend I had not so long ago about what I could possibly see my life as being in the coming years it came to light that this is where it all began for me. Seeing beauty as a little girl, breathless at the sight of a horse grazing in the field of long grass, wide eyed at the shelves of so many different shades of red nail polish in my Nana's refrigerator, awe struck seeing my mum dressed up ready for an evening out, the faces of the elderly passed on the street.

Beauty, it all began with beauty. Seeing it in the flowers around our house, the Nuns who had devoted their life to a belief system, so much of it in the Art I was surrounded with, traveling the long roads between Byron Bay and Manly Beach. All of it blowing my mind with it's unique beauty.

The relief that brought me was somewhat incredible. I had some years ago become aware that beauty is my highest value as I have said here many times before. So why had it not occurred to me that I could, indeed should spend my life in exactly that - Beauty.

Some may even argue that I already do and I would be inclined to agree, I have been blessed to know and teach so many incredible souls who have and still do teach me there is always more of yourself to explore.

All this talk of beauty will then bring the following as no real surprise but hopefully joy!

I am launching a Podcast for Arlais called "THE BEAUTY CREATIVE"

along with a rebranding of our magazine to be of the same name which will feel far more aligned. So jump into the fold and join us in the group of the same name in Facebook if you are so inclined or keep an eye out for the updates as they roll through here.

It would not serve you for this to be purely about skin care or beauty product, nor would it fill my desire to dive into the potential depths of all that could be perceived as beauty. It is so much more, the Podcast explores the experience and choices of those who have made the conscious choice to create their own beautiful life and it is really such a joy to be able to share these insightful conversations with you.

This, "The Beauty Creative" is filled with all the feels for me as I hope it is for you.

Aligned, living and working in Beauty.

Who says dreams don't come true?

Bec x

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