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Definition of deep

1: extending far from some surface or area: such as

a: extending far downward a deep well a deep chasm

b (1): extending well inward from an outer surface a deep gash a deep-chested animal

2: not located superficially within the body deep pressure receptors in muscles

c: extending well back from a surface accepted as front a deep closet

d: extending far laterally from the center deep borders of lace

3 a: difficult to penetrate or comprehend

c: grave or lamentable in nature or effect

d: of penetrating intellect : WISE

e: intensely engrossed or immersed

f: characterized by the profundity of feeling or quality

4: having a low musical pitch (see PITCHentry 4 sense 4b) or pitch range

5 a: situated well within the boundaries

b: remote in time or space

c: being below the level of consciousness

d: covered, enclosed, or filled to a specified degree—usually used in combination

Definition of comfort

To cause (someone) to feel less worried, upset, frightened, etc.: to give comfort to (someone)

1: to give strength and hope to : CHEER

2: to ease the grief or trouble of : CONSOLE

1: strengthening aid:

b: consolation in time of trouble or worry : SOLACE

2 a: a feeling of relief or encouragement

b: contented well-being

3: a satisfying or enjoyable experience

4: one that gives or brings comfort

Definition of SOLACE 1: to give comfort to in grief or misfortune: console. 2a: to make cheerful. b: amuse. 3: allay, soothe solace grief.

Experience being nurtured and nurturing yourself.

You are being offered SOLACE, so you can ease all the stress that your body is holding. So that you can feel lighter, softer - remember what that feels like? Before you stiffened to brace yourself for the impact of all that is happening in your world every day.

You are being offered SOLACE, to feel all that you are. All of your beautiful body, all of your magnificent mind, and all of your soaring spirit. To learn how to live a greater experience where you are, with what you have.

You are being offered SOLACE, so you can feel life again. I understand that you needed to go where you are, but it's time to come back now. Back to you, gently, softly, and always with deep comfort.

Our journey to solace is an experience of learning, experiencing, and practicing deep comfort.

SOLACE begins now, here with you choosing to feel the beauty of you and your life again:

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