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Reformer Pilates for Beginners

We have all been new at something and had that feeling of being just a little outside our comfort zone.

Reformer Pilates for beginners is equal parts exciting to scary until your first class is finished.

Really I think the scary is more about the hope for what reformer pilates might offer, bring or deliver, all neatly packaged to form our expectations. It's natural to have invested in the expectation before we have started. The expectation of what these pilates classes might do for us, of how they are going to go, and how they are going to feel.

For some, beginning reformer pilates classes brings the hope of turning a corner with their wellness. For others, it is about trying another type of movement to maintain their well-being. Then there are people who feel that this start, means a line in the sand, a personal commitment to changing the way they feel about movement to help them experience more out of their day-to-day lives.

I don't think a single person has ever walked into their first class without an expectation or intention.

Before you leave home to experience your first class, take a moment to be clear about what the expectations or intentions are that you have for yourself.

From there you can step through the doors into the studio or turn on your screen for a virtual class with clarity and purpose, open to the newness of what you will experience.

For any beginner, clothing is key to being able to concentrate and freely move your body. So if you like the feeling of activewear it's a good choice. Otherwise depending on where you live it might be sweatpants and a t-shirt. Each studio has its own policy on wearing socks or not so just check with them before you go.

If you are a beginner with Arlais, you will receive a welcome pack that has all the information you need to have you feeling fabulous before you even start your beginner class.

Each class goes for 45 minutes some studios are less, some possibly more. Arriving 5 minutes before your beginner reformer pilates class starts gives you time to familiarise yourself with the studio space or virtual setup.

Once your class starts, it might feel like there is lots of information to take in, because there is. Keep in mind when you are at a studio in one-one classes you will have someone with you at all times working through a program designed specifically for you and the intention you have for your classes. So while there is a lot of information, you will be supported at all times.

Then when you start moving on your reformer it will feel fun, yes fun albeit a little awkward. It might take a couple of classes for your coordination to align, each movement bringing new experiences to your body, mind, and spirit as you work with purpose toward the goals you have outlined for yourself.

Ask questions as you go, it's so important to understand what you are doing when you start reformer pilates and to feel secure in the movements you are creating. This is the beginning, it is your base, your foundation so to be able to have clarity from the start sets you up for great classes to come.

The first class will feel like it goes so fast, it's always a great idea to have your second class booked fairly closely to your first so that you can start to build some momentum. Remember to be kind to yourself, it takes bravery to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new. Absorb the experience, and the learnings to get yourself prepared for your next class.

Being a beginner is beautiful, you are learning so quickly, growing with each challenge, and every time you overcome the resistance to going to your class because it is unfamiliar you build your momentum muscle.

That is when progress greets you and you realise that by braving being a beginner you have built a lifestyle habit that feels pretty special.

Reformer Pilates for beginners is an exciting, fun experience that will have you walking away knowing more about yourself and your body than when you walked into the studio or if you are virtual turned on your screen! Most importantly, just enjoy the experience of being in your body working on your well-being.

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