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Rapid evolution.

Surrounded with people, neighbours and community I am missing space. Wide open free country no one insight space. Crispy frosted early morning grass, Courts of kangaroo's at dawn and mid morning strolls along cattle trail ridges, type of space. Deep breathing fresh air and late misty afternoon sunset type of space. The kind of space that has the evening fireplace ablaze, wine in hand and conversations fused with laughter loudly flowing well into the night.

For now with no other means of distraction or escape it is the city. Holding a full heart of gratitude that I am blessed to be surrounded by healthy loved ones. While seeking and finding space means more than ever daily practices of early morning dewy grass jogging, midday meditation and long evenings of yoga it is the introspective feeling of reflection that keeps coming up. A yearning to deep dive into all that has been put away to be dealt with later. I feel later has arrived.

I am not resisting the call to stay home, I am very much leaning into it. Spiritual housekeeping with a renewed desire for space, of giving light to that which was hidden in the farrows to be tided when the time was right. Well could there ever be a better time than now?

Easy? Not at all. Simple? definitely.

When there is so much uncertainty swirling around us in such a hyper sensitive torrent it is simple to recognise what is wanted, what is to be changed or what is to be left where it is as I clear the way to move forward with an honest grace that will shelter the rising of my spirit.

Breaking habits, slowing up, bowing to my souls call for more creativity, igniting gratitude for the space I can create, consciously riding the wave of joy in daily adventures, elevating desires, so much more movement, accepting the rising, flowing into tomorrow with hope. These are the guides that bring light to that which has been hidden in the farrows.

Perhaps the universe has unfolded her own workshop in Rapid evolution.

Calling in clarity with a filter of space I have gone quietly inward to feel my way forward into what she is offering. Swaddled in the belief there must be purpose to the universal transition that we see unfolding before us.

Be lead by the universe, look into the farrows for this time now feels like the world has changed. Like you have been given permission to create your space and bring to it a light that will see you rise.

Bec xx

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