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Mid life crisis or Mid life breakthrough?

Question - actually, serious Question.. Please answer me this, what if we ( Society ) have it confused. Could it be that really what we experience is actually not a Mid life crisis rather a Mid life breakthrough?

I pose this question with the fullest of hearts. With genuine intrigue, I really am looking for perhaps comfort in the wanting of something different starting to appear.

For those of you who have been badged with already experiencing a mid life crisis, share with me this - what would you have done differently?

Was it that you broke free of the bounds of expectation to rebel the society norm?

Or was it that continuing to exist in the self imposed shackles of the world you had created for yourself was more over whelming than you could stand, lost both to yourself and those that loved you most?

Not convinced that Mid life crisis is inspired by or specifically about fast cars and late night bars - exploring however the relative concept that it is indeed the pinnacle of escapism. That really the crisis is that you no longer want what you wanted and that to speak your truth would be certain permanent chaos. So instead it becomes an internal chase to seek anything that defies your average daily life.

The question arose in me this evening standing in the shower, my bones are yearning for something that my fingers can not place. So I posed the question to myself, what if you let go?.... Hands reaching for the sky, arms open squealing in delight, instead of fearing the worst?... Could I allow myself to live a better version of who I could be?

At 43, I feel more in my body than I have in my 20's. My beliefs are my own, while being open and intrigued by yours, my sense of sexuality more enjoyed and understood than in my 20's or 30's. The love I have of my incredible body unrivalled. My creative sense of self bursting. The knowing that I am able to feel more of people than I now see. Being able to communicate in energy is for me the most truthful, most primitive and most sacred place I can meet someone.

So to stand in the shower thinking that I could relinquish the finite control that is required to be the holder of all that keeps the wheels of life turning, feels like it could be the nirvana spoken of in fables. There is an abundance of desire for being purely driven by the knowing that how I am living is completely in alignment with who I am. Not that which is expected of me, affording myself that freedom I believe is a mid life breakthrough - not a mid life crisis.

Right or Wrong?

Bec x

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