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Lacking the joy of your wellness?

Over the years 99 percent of clients stated that one of their primary goals was to lose weight so they could, "feel better about themselves".

Let me ask you this... When you look in the mirror and remind yourself of all the things you see in your reflection that you don’t like about yourself and want to change, why don’t you instead seek your own innate radiance?

Is there a time in your life that you feel you have experienced your own radiance?

Glowing in a way that people feel your golden energy before a word is shared?

It is the feeling that makes all your impossibles, feel possible.

When you are radiant you are the best version of your authentic self, you are literally magnetic.

The reason for that is because you are living in a different energy, a higher vibration.

Why then is the goal to chase away the wrinkles, the pounds or the grey hair, when instead you could be chasing, really experiencing the magnificence of your very own being?

Would it be enough to lose weight yet still not feel ease or delight in your body?

Is it enough to be well but lack the joy of your wellness?

What if you were wrinkle free, yet didn’t feel gratitude for the beauty of your own life?

Feeling better about oneself is not about a wrinkle free face, a hair colour nor a particular weight or size.

It is the effortless glow, the vibrant energy, the presence we feel of those who have an understanding, a knowingness, a connection, that comes from a deep sense of comfort within their own body, mind and spirit that gifts them the beauty of true radiance.

When we learn how to experience deep comfort from within,

the way we experience life in the world changes.

The way the world experiences us changes.

Being truly radiant is the result of being able to access the feeling of deep comfort from within.

When you can access that state of being you can embody your greatest radiance.

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