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JOY is your road through.

The practice starts as work and then as the habit creates a crevice in your soul, joy becomes your daily ritual.

When I look around there appears to be so much striving, pushing, wanting and willing.

To what end? Observing the musings of life has always been a point of intrigue for me, from city streets to small country towns as people hustle, watching it without engaging is always a lure to create narratives that are ridiculous yet amusing.

Although what I see, hear, and feel is that being a mere observer in the hustle of what is life now is not enough. The world, our planet, and our beautiful communities require more of us than to be passively creating stories as the happenings of life swirl around the bench seat we are perched high upon.

We need to step in with both feet and all the resilience we are equipped with so that our communities are supported by the rising vibration of joy and hope which seems like an absolute farce when you scroll the relentless tumbling of dark news that comes from the mainstream.

Joy is our road through, our freedom, and in many ways our hope. It is a gift to ourselves and those we love to be able to identify what joy is and then be brave enough to share it within our community. To share the map you have found, guide them to where you have found it, and then share the little life recipe they might need to feel the same current of life you are riding.

A collective of joy. A community that witnesses the heart of its happenings and shares it for all to draw upon when they feel their reserves might be shallowing.

A practice such as this becomes a ritual. It nestles into a special place in your day-to-day life, the sharing of your joy becomes a part of you that feels you are helping lift someone else's spirit and then when your reserves are running low it is there to support you in a humble yet very honest way.

I would like to invite you to join me and the Arlais community in our first 30 days of collective JOY challenge - from June 1, 2021, until June 30, 2021.

You can join by clicking here

The 30 days of collective JOY challenge is a simple humble practice of collectively honoring our JOY.

Your only requirement is to share a moment of joy recognised in your day. Once you have registered you will be given access to join the group. While this is a simple humble practice please don't for one second nullify the collective potential of what you are bringing to the world.

It is in our group we will bring to life the moments, the conversations the whispers of joy that pass through our day in ways that are both familiar and sometimes fleeting. Yet they are there and to recognise them, gifts the shadows created by the mainstream with a glow of golden light that will dance joy into the heart of the collective we have created and then those around us again.

Imagine living the ritual of gifting the world your joy every single day.

That would be a beautiful place to live.

Bec x

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