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It's go time.

There is something about the feeling of stretching that is possibly beyond words and better understood in sound. The real kind of stretching, the low key moaning kind of stretch, the one that has you lean a little bit more into it and hold it for just a little bit longer. Because you know that as soon as you move, the sensation is gone. Still it is happily replaced with a tension free feeling that invites you to breathe more slowly and perhaps get that face that tells people you cheerfully relaxed.

So the big question is, why don't we do it more often?

I'm not sure I will ever find a reasonable answer to that question as it seems to me that, something which brings you that kind of feeling would be scheduled daily wouldn't it?.. And that's not mentioning the wellness benefits that daily stretching offers you.

Let's get excited together, because now it can be in your life and on your daily schedule!

Seriously happy news, I bet you are smiling from ear to ear aren't you?.. Me too.

The Daily Stretch is now available for you to access online.

Hmmm, that is a great question I hear you asking, "what is The Daily Stretch?"

The Daily Stretch is a sequence of:

  • 5 stretches,

  • 5 count breath each stretch,

  • 5 rounds

  • 5 days a week.

Each week there is a new sequence and each day there is a new virtual class for you to watch that has added progressive options from the day before. It's up to you if you want to stay with the standard stretch or if you would like to add in a progression for one of your stretches or all of your stretches. Each round invites you to build upon the last so that deepen your stretch slowly and safely.

We get to stretch together!!!!!

It is one thing to think about stretching, it's another to be able to:

  • Practice daily

  • Practice easily and in your own time.

  • To be guided through a class in a safe way

  • To be able to progress if you want to.

  • To feel your progress in your body.

Practicing 5 days a week helps you to feel the tension you normally carry release from your body as well as be able to feel the progress that you can make in such a short timeframe. That progress is a win not only for your body, for your mind, your soul it is a win for your day and for your week!.

There are already 2 sequences / 2 weeks of virtual classes ready for you with sequence 3 starting on Monday!

All that you need is your phone, access to the internet and a little bit of space where ever you are.

There are no prerequisites: You don't need to be stretchy, you don't need to know how to do yoga, it is programmed for you to be able to stretch for your wellness safely.

It's a great way to feel good. It doesn't stop there, you have support and if you would like accountability. If you want to you can ask questions about a stretch or a class that you are doing pop through an email here. If you would like to stay on track and have some accountability, just pop through an email here with accountability in the subject line and you will receive some check in and motivational prompts to keep you turning up each day.

Transitioning Arlais from an in person Studio to a Virtual studio has without question felt challenging, more challenging than I could have imagined and perhaps if I could have - I wouldn't have been brave enough to do it!!

Yet starting the The Daily Stretch has been incredibly rewarding and now being able to share it with you, the circle feels complete. Arlais is truly and completely virtual. This is just the beginning and being able to lean into those moany stretches feels like the best place to start.

To access The Daily Stretch you can click here:

What are you waiting for........... Come stretch that beautiful body of yours!.

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