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Heart racing at 3AM?

How often do you feel the 3 am heart racing wake-up?

The one where you just can not catch your breath, your mind is running at a million miles an hour and if the lights were on, you could actually see your heart beating in your chest.

It is overwhelming, hard to stop, and exhausting.

Do you lay there hoping that it will just stop?

It always takes a while longer than you hope for though doesn't it?

Has it started happening during the day yet?

That message is meant for you. It is your body and brain's way of telling you, that you are at capacity and it needs you to make so choices about where to from here.

There are 3 critical mistakes that I see people with fatigue make.

Work and environment are the dynamic duo when it comes to the downward pressure in your life and if you are waking up at 3 am or between 1 am - 4 am with that heart-racing feeling, something is really causing you some turmoil.

A lot of people jump to the conclusion that the next thing they are going to read is that you should change the situation. It's not, because I don't know which of those things is causing you that turmoil or what the situation is.

The best solution would be to learn how to work with yourself to be able to regulate how your body responds to both work and your environment so you don't get the heart-pounding early morning wake up.

Can we agree that putting your body through more stress by trying to make fast radical changes in your life is harder than learning how to create harmony and ease in your mind and body by calming your nervous system?

Are you tired? If you are waking up with your heart pounding, I am guessing that you must be starting to feel the impact of that while you are both working through the day and while you are trying to spend time with your family.

Solace is a program I have created especially for people who are tired, fatigued or exhausted so that you can learn and implement simple tools to bring your spark back and make waking up at 3 am a thing that happened last year, not this year!..

So that you can have more energy and more vitality.

If you think you would like to know more about how to reduce stress in your body, we should chat, then I can share with you the 3 critical mistakes I see people who are tired and fatigued making so that it can help you avoid them. Secondly, if you feel like the Solace program is right for you, we can get you started on your way back to sleeping better and feeling like a more vibrant version of your old self again.

You can book your chat here:

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