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Goal Setting Success

The success rate of people who achieve their goals is low, ready for it?.... the real universal statistic is 8% of people who have a goal will achieve it. Are you still repeating 8% to yourself? It's low, actually it's really low.

If that shocked you, then this is really going to take your breath away.

Only 3% of the entire population actually sets goals.

So you might be feeling better about the 8% right now, only 3% of people actually set goals that is incredible don't you think?

Let's get clear, 3% of people set goals and of that 3% of people only 8% of that 3% of people actually achieve them. Are you shocked? Maybe just a tiny bit shocked?

Of the 3% of the population that set goals, 1% of people write their goals down. Here is a tip, you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down.

Why the goal stats? Well to demonstrate that just the action of setting a goal and writing it down is going to take you further than you have gone before. Now that we know that, our next step is to create an action plan and add in accountability to our conversation and we are looking at a preliminary road map to your wellness success.

Those two last steps that just jumped in, they are going to help you turn your written goals into the reality that you have told yourself you have wanted for years yet have not ever successfully achieved.

Your action plan takes the guess work out of what needs to be done to get to where you want to go.

Accountability means being held responsible for taking the action steps that lead to you achieving your goal.

If we look at this through a wellness lens, it means being able to create success whatever that is for you in an area of your life that will honestly make the most difference in your world. Your health is your wealth.

It looks simple when you read it like that doesn't it. To win at wellness you only have to identify what you want, write it down and have someone to support you and hold you accountable so that you are able to achieve something you have never achieved before.

The aim of the Arlais Virtual Wellness Studio is to help you explore and experience your own wellness journey. Your wellness is our success. That is why it is so important to start with goal setting together. It is a key element to your wellness success and all you need to do is become a member HERE ( it's FREE ) and book in your goal setting session.

How would it feel for you to be one of the 8%?

The Arlais Virtual Wellness Studio is for you if you want to be supported as you explore and experience your wellness step by step from the road map we create in your goal setting session.

Let's start at the beginning and do something different so you can achieve something you have never achieved before.

Are you ready to take the first step?

To find out what is possible for your wellness...

Arlais Virtual Wellness Studio offers personalised Pilates classes that help you achieve your own goals.

Pilates Classes programmed specifically for your own needs using reformer pilates, mat pilates, stability ball, barrel, tower, and barre these personal one-on-one classes help you create tone while building core strength, flexibility, and balance. Reformer Pilates classes for people living in Sandgate, Brighton, Shorncliffe, Deagon, Boondall, Bracken Ridge, and Taigum.

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