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Frankly, the safety harness is off.

Fluffy floating words are a feeling of joy for me.

As I write to you, they seem to have escaped me.

I have the urge just to be frank and tell it like it is.

The universe has sent me a note to remind me that while I like to play with time like it's clay on a pottery wheel. It's not. It is definitely not. Life and time are so precious, both so beautiful. Yet they would mean nothing without knowing or feeling love. It is the most incredible gift you can ever, will ever experience. There is no view, no journey, no climb, and no amount of money that can replace the depth it can take you to or mimic the feeling of how miraculous loving another human is.

I am and want to take an adventure. A soul adventure and every sense I have tingling, tells me it's going to be a long one. No, I don't need to find myself, I need to release myself. To learn again, to burrow into life, and explore all the questions I have. To taste the exotic flavor of free time. Of less commitment. Of a different kind of life like one with long Sunday mornings, frivolous conversations, and far more sunshine on my skin. To grow again, to flourish in ways I don't yet know are possible.

Or maybe I will go and sit on a mountaintop and just exhale all the stuff that I have held too tightly to for too long. I am feeling like I might flat-out abandon the rules that I have lived by that came from somewhere or someone long before I remember learning them and those rules just stayed because that was what I believed to be true.

So you will see on the website the book now button is gone. The virtual classes have finished. This gorgeous little space right here filled with all the words will keep us connected. You can ride along with me when you feel like it. There will be some fun stuff, some learnings, and maybe even a trip or two you can join if the mood takes you or the vibe grabs you.

I could imagine nothing worse than living a life that didn't align with my soul.

Time is too precious, life is too beautiful not to live a life you love.

For goodness sake, it's time to undo your safety harness, let's go a different way, I'm not sure what the road looks like or where it will go I just know this is going to be a little bit messy, mostly unplanned, playful, and without question magnificent.

Bec xx

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