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Finding what was never lost.

The anomaly to me is that we search for things we already have.

Happiness, inner peace, contentment, the sometimes elusive magic, we search for the magic we want to see and feel in the world to believe that beyond all of the mess there is something worthy of what we put ourselves through, day in and day out.

Stop here please if you do not find yourself in the searching group of humanity as this will annoy you more than anything. I love that at this point whatever and wherever you have been, you are one who has found. Finding is good. The finding brings a peace.

For the non-finders, shall we continue?

As a searcher of the magic, the meditating yogi in me has been kind of slow to this party.

Over the past 12 months, this has become a compounding niggle. One little universe test after another.

A mounting of challenges that daily require me to remind myself to feel the magic I seek not beyond me, the test is to ensure that I truly trust the magic that is already within me.

Think about it, have you ever had a moment when you frankly believed that you could not be in a worse position? Rockbottom as lots refer to it.

Have you ever had a moment of thinking to yourself, "I can't do this?"

Or maybe for you, it has sounded like - " I can not fit another thing in!" Agree far more light-hearted.

Your fleeting notions of " there is nothing more to give" or "this just feels insurmountable".

These for many are real-life thoughts. And yet, when required we find more to offer. We lift, carry, shoulder, give, create, and proffer more than we thought we could.

And we don't break.

We grow.

Sometimes we grow exponentially in ways that we couldn't possibly have foreseen, it is just like magic.

The mistake many of us make in my humble opinion is that we forget that we are vast and of soul, not just mind and body.

In the search for finding happiness, kindness, and self-compassion, the elixir of magic, we lose sight of the fact that as humans we are already all of those things.

Case in point, how many times have you considered not doing something because the reel you have played over and over again in your mind has told you that you can't? Then you muster the wilding courage to go beyond that which you thought was possible for you?.

How many times have you created more energy for yourself when you thought you were spent?

How many times have you gone back and done the one thing you said you could never do again?

The last hold of a yoga class, the last kilometer in a run, the wave you didn't think you could catch, the hill you couldn't climb, the goal you would never score, the exam you would never pass, the endings and goodbyes you didn't think you could survive. Yet you found a way.

We are so much more than we remember we are.

Born as beings of loving-kindness, with all that we need we can find the courage, muster the strength and live in the joy of the magic that we already are.

The golden sunrises, the incredible people, the best friends, the career of your dreams, the place, the sunsets, the freedom, the peace, the connection, the magical wilding that you are trying to find was never lost. It is and has always been within you. The search is over my friend, the questions do have answers.

Only when you meet yourself will you be able to hold, share and create what our friends at the top already know, all of the magic... it's not out there somewhere. It is and always has been in here within us.

What if you took the energy you used for searching for what was never lost and used it to love the magic you have always held?..

Bec x

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