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Not feeling great? Or maybe you just don't feel like your "old self".

Our bodies constantly receive the impact of our daily life experiences at a cellular level.

That impact comes from the environment in our homes, our food, our work places, our recreational activities, the energy of the spaces and places we are in and the people we spend our time near and with.

Our minds are designed to then process the incoming information that is provided by the body and translate that into our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

When you ignore, or choose not to process that information by leaving it till tomorrow or simply shutting down the feedback being delivered, your body can not and doesn’t process or release any of the incoming information that occurred in your daily life. Then the impact of your daily life starts to compound.

Our energy centres or chakra’s slowly become blocked, our thoughts are restricted and we become enclosed in a negative thought loop causing more damage to our bodies at a cellular level.

Over time our bodies respond by changing, our bio chemistry changes and we become unfamiliar with how we feel and the who we are as a person. Have you ever heard someone say to you " I just don't feel like me any more"?

We can start to feel pain, develop conditions and start to make choices for ourselves and our bodies that are out of alignment with what we would do if we had been able to experience the full range of daily processing we are designed too.

You have literally changed yourself and are now living in a different body that has a different energy cycle. Yet you remember “who you used to be” “how great you felt” "how great you used to look" and struggle to reconcile how you are and feel now.

This often leads you to fad diet, trying to reconnect with your thoughts and feelings of the better times by drinking more, reconnecting with people from your past, or going to intense sessions at the gym.

For many all of those things and more, you might even develop a “morning routine” and add in some quiet time that you call meditating to try to get you back to who you once were.

The loneliness of the downward spiral has began, because you feel so far away from yourself it makes genuine connections with others feel impossible.

There are or will be glimpses of who you were show up in you efforts, your senses will respond to familiar stimuli, yet you won’t be able to attain that feeling you are craving of the “old you”.

Your body and mind are required to work together in many layered ways for you to be able to clear the looped thought patterns, stuck energy and cellular damage you have created by choosing to ignore the action of processing your bodies feedback over the years.

That choice to ignore your bodies feedback often happens as we fear that we will not be able to safely navigate through the thoughts, feelings, and emotions our bodies feedback is providing us.

Or simply because we have not been taught to let our thoughts pass through so we can feel all of our feelings and emotions during the process without holding onto them, without getting stuck in them.

You can create a life that is better than the previous one you crave.

Getting out of the place you find yourself in is an intentional choice followed by a layered process that must include and work with the mind body and spirit. A process that teaches you how to build, bond, clear, create and connect to the greatness of who you are and who you can be when your body, mind, and soul feel Solace.

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