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Deep Comfort

Are you doubting your fatigue?

That feeling of pushing through and then energy crashing so you take 3 days off and then you push again just waiting until the end of the year to finally be able to have a break. To rest. The kind of long rest that will sustain you, only it doesn't. You reach the end of your second week back at work this year and start craving holidays again.

Next, you will question yourself, you will doubt how you are feeling - are you feeling fatigued, or is something wrong with you? You just had holidays!

This is a dangerous cycle. Please don't doubt yourself. Don't turn on yourself.

Trust yourself. Please listen to what is happening in your mind, body, and spirit.

It is something that I have observed people do year in and year out.

While this may feel counter-intuitive at this time of year if you want to

  • create real change

  • achieve the goals you have set out for yourself this year

  • reduce anxiety

  • improve the feeling of balance

  • replenish your energy

  • build more self-trust

  • improve creativity

  • improve performance

  • improve your relationships

Use the power of deep comfort to sustain you, to help you achieve all that you want to this year.

When you practice being in a state of deep comfort you release the tension you are holding in your body, mind, and spirit. When you are guided to a state of deep comfort, your subconscious mind works to restore balance and replenish your energy. You build trust with yourself. Your conscious mind trusts that you will support yourself so you can be the person you want to be.

Again it may feel counter-intuitive to dive into a state of deep comfort at a time of year when every marketing message you are seeing and hearing is telling you to take massive action. Every conversation you are having with your friends is about what you are going to "do more of" this year. The mantra of more, more, more is in most spaces you are experiencing right now.

Have you noticed when you have those conversations your mind starts racing with thoughts of how, when, who, and there is a little feeling of anxiety that starts creeping in?

More is ok when you trust yourself, when you know you are supporting your nervous system so it will be able to do the "more" you are wanting to achieve without leaving you feeling like you are so exhausted that your body doesn't want to get out of bed and your positive spirit is depleted.

Experiencing deep comfort is the key to helping yourself level up in all areas of your life this year.

To experience a Deep Comfort class click here:

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