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Curiosity caused a slide into wonder.

There are moments that you have, that you know are for a bigger purpose coming.

It can be years between the moment and the realisation that you were on the path to this moment for so long. That happened to me last week.

So here is the inside...

7 years ago I learnt about Desire Mapping, truly for me an experience of change that profoundly altered the course of my life. The concept of choosing how I wanted to feel was incredibly foreign to me as my whole life I had been a "worker and a sleeper". Having the know how to change that led to more curiosity and so began the slide into a life of wonder and unknown until I arrived at the understanding of my purpose last week.

After absorbing Desire Mapping, I had to learn more about life and how my core values and actions were interacting ( all the fun stuff ) fascinating albeit challenging work sometimes. I arrived in a place that landed me with the knowledge that my core value was beauty. Which initially I was a little mortified about until I understood the full expression of that value.

For me, Beauty is not a look nor a product. It is more a mood, a feeling, an understanding, an atmosphere, a connection, an art of recognition that there is depth to what is before me. It sat with Desire Mapping, a word that assisted me to understand why I did, saw and felt the way I did about things other people did not, could not nor would not.

For years I have wanted to meld so many of the passions I have into a singular home. Pilates, Publishing & Photography fit if you want to keep it all in a fitness vein however I didn't. There is too many wondrous layers to the world to have to stay in one lane.

Last week I had a moment of frustration that pushed me beyond, a moment of realisation that I didn't want to be secular, that to continue to split my time was not working and that something had to change. Then as I stood under the running water of my shower, my loud and wanting call of curiosity to the universe was answered.

It was all there and had been for so long I just was not yet in my divine time until this moment.

My bigger Purpose, the Clarity, the Vision, & Beauty arrived along with the brightest light of hope falling into the centre of my heart and mind like an explosion of happiness. My passions belong together, work together and can be the creative energy I have been searching for all in the same space when it is all anchored and shared in Beauty.

So for us, yes both of us I am excited, there are changes that will bring you joy coming.

I am looking forward to sharing them with you, alongside the launch of our Podcast and Channel.

So please play curious, let wonder linger in your senses and invest in knowing yourself for this life we roam in, can be terrifyingly beautiful and I can't wait to share so much more of it with you.

Bec x

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