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Can anyone learn meditation?

Can anyone learn to meditate?

Meditation like all actions is a process. There is an entry point at which you start and from there you simply take one breath at a time. The preconception that you hold of meditation is often a lot different to the practice itself. I would suggest that the belief that you hold about the practice itself makes it out to be much harder than it really is. Here are 3 practical steps to help you think about the practice of meditation in a more simple way.

  1. There is no set amount of time that you should meditate for. Your practice is yours, so start with just a minute or two rather than the idea of half an hour or more.

  2. Learn into your body's naturally slower rhythm. Think about when you are at your slowest, your calmest during the 24-hour day. Then simply sit, relax and focus on one breath at a time.

  3. Be kind to yourself, slowing the mind takes practice. That's why meditation is a journey in itself.

Starting is often the most difficult step of all, once you have you are on the way to experiencing the incredible mind, body, and spirit benefits of what meditation can offer you.

The world around you feels beautiful when you are at peace with the world within you.

Meditation is for most people, once you get started, stopping your practice becomes a choice. There is no simpler way to bring a little space, peace, and joy into your life than the practice of meditation.

If you don't want to take the journey alone, reach out and connect and let's get you started on your way to experiencing the benefits that mediation has to offer.

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