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Unmatched & disconnected.

Is how you feel on the inside what you see on the outside?

It is a raw and real question, and it's a tough one to ask and to answer.

I asked this question today in a poll on Instagram and the majority of brave women who answered it answered NO.

No, how I feel on the inside is not what I see on the outside.

So what next?

How do you bring what you feel to the vision you see staring back at you?

It might not be the answer you want to hear, but I am going to tell you what I know, what I have had the privilege of seeing work.

For you to feel and see the same vision of yourself you will need to RECONNECT the two parts of yourself that have become distant from each other. Those two parts of you need to feel each other again. It's a process of you melding back together to feel like yourself again.

Arlais means from the temple within, that is where we start when you want to work towards reconnecting those two parts of yourself. That is why one on one fusion classes are so fundamental. You start from your soul and you move outward into your body. You feel the movement, your breath the through thread, and you experience the beauty of all of yourself, one hour at a time.

Balance, movement, breathwork, an absolute connection of your body, mind, and soul.

At the end of your first hour, you feel changed. Lighter, brighter, more whole. Like you can trust yourself to know: the you that the you feel can be the you that you see once again. That there is a path back. You have just touched that reconnection and it will move you to feel more of yourself.

To align what you feel and what you see, it is vital you reconnect again.

It is possible.

If you want to want to align what you feel with what you see but you aren't sure how or where to start, your first session is free. You can book it here

Be kind to yourself.

Bec x

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