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Are you up for the challenge?

Your challenge if you choose to accept it is, 1 minute a day on your mat for 7 days. The challenge is starting Sept 1 - 7 Sept 2022. You can do it on your own or make it a fun affair and have your kids, friends or colleagues on their mat next to you.

Consciously taking the time to slow your thoughts, to take a couple of deep breaths and to see your world differently for a minute may feel a little like you are paying yourself for all that you do and all that you are to the people in your world. Feel the benefits of taking a minute to focus solely on yourself.

It doesn't have to be hard or complicated to create incremental wellness gains in your daily life, it just has to be consistent. While 1 minute a day on your mat seems so simple, the consistency of turning up for 7 days in a row might be the challenge point for some people.

While consistency might challenge some, for others it might be finding stillness for a minute and really breathing. Taking longer, slower breaths. Stillness itself can be a challenge. Calm is always the goal.

When you join you will become part of the community so you can post a #matview photo and share with us where you take your minute each day or take a look at where the other challenge participants are spending their 1 minute mat time.

You can be at home in your Pj's, in the office or in the great outdoors. You can sit or lay down on your mat which ever brings you more ease. This is an anywhere, at any time 1 minute, 7 day challenge that aims to consciously help you relax and release some of the stress in your daily life. Join solo, with your team mates, with your partner, with your friends or with the kids and challenge yourself to make it to the mat for 1 minute every day for 7 days.

The only question now is, can you, will you actually achieve the challenge?

It's free, fun and you might just find something in it that you want keep in your daily life.

To join click HERE

Arlais Virtual Wellness Studio.

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