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Are you sinking into tomorrow?

As an adult who grew up with two television stations and a landline it somewhat feels silly to say that I am searching for just that little bit more of what life has to offer. We have already come so far in the world.

With the age of the internet why, how could I want more?

It's not that kind of more though, it's a kind of connection more, an inspiration more not really more information that I have to sort through to find the spark that is going to drive me into sensory contentment.

That sprinkle of magic dust in my week, that has me thinking of things other than work and the grocery list or perhaps even lunch boxes. That feeling of depth, the richness of life, the universe, and all the possibilities it has to offer. I have an absolute burning desire to taste, see, feel and touch all of it. Never has that been stronger in me than here in my almost mid-forties.

Leather books buried in second-hand shops, old old wine that is appreciated for its endurance. The discovery of Artists that are passionately forging their creative voice in whichever arena they are dedicated to. I want to listen to the wise, learn the lessons, create beauty from all the chaos that is today's world. To grow food and flowers that bring joy and hope and lessons of their own.

It feels like if I don't do these things I will sink into all the tomorrows with a shadowed voice that has been tainted by a disappointment for the lack of persistence that I could have had to share, speak and evoke passion and inspiration from all that is here in this world.

Surely I can not be the only one, surely there are others like me who are craving a seat at the table of inspiration? Other women who want to glow with connected and joy-filled hearts. Who like me are seeking a sprinkle of magic dust in their week. Surely you must wonder about the lives people have created without restraint, with complete abandon for the rules that restrict others. Aren't there stories you want to hear and soul adventures you want to take?

When this floated in my mind I felt that stirring sensation under my skin, that little twinge of excitement that comes when you are chasing the storyline of the daydream that has slipped into halt any outside noise.

So the Arlais Soul community has been created with us and our wilding desires at the very heart of it.

No longer shall you have to search for the inspiration that you seek, you will find it here. Those conversations that you are longing for that break the mold of everyday life will be housed here in your community.

The connections of others just like us who are seeking more, more of all of it.

Come join in, listen, speak and explore the art and alchemy of life as we connect with women all over the world creating their own kind of magic. This will be a soul experience you cherish forever.

Designed for you to be able to lean in and connect when the mood calls for it. There is no keeping up, no getting done, just joy at knowing it is there if and when you want it. It is all here for you to tether your wilding spirit too.

It is not really that you are sinking, it is just that you are unfulfilled and uninspired. This is yours, solely yours to dive into. No sharing with the kids, just an experience for you to hold close as your very own until you want to spill over with the joy it brings you at the dinner table.

So come with me and reignite your soul as we feast on curious conversations, where we shall speak & seek magic, mythology & miracles, imaginings, potions, possibilities & perfect moments together.

Bec x

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