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Are you missing this?

Sometimes I think we try too hard, we complicate what is incredibly simple and we miss what actually is.

For many people meditation is an eye-rolling thought followed by conversation that sounds similar to how every time they try and clear their minds, they are flooded with endlessly racing thoughts.

Have you ever looked toward the sky taking the kind of breath that opens your ribs and has your chest heaving skyward only to feel it fall as you send your breath away? Or taken a stroll with your mind tumbling from thought to thought, only to stop and look around realising that where you are is beautiful. Or maybe you have stood in the shower, your face drenched from the flow of warm clean water running over it when you feel the sheer delight of what the day might bring. As you turn and wipe the water from your eyes you feel the heat wash over your back, you breathe a long slow deep breath, and stillness is found before the day begins.

Gratitude, breathwork, and meditation come in many forms and quite possibly you already have your own daily practices. Perhaps it is just that you haven't labeled it in such a way. Let me offer you this, nothing has to be over complicated and nothing for that matter often needs to be "added" for you to experience the practice or the benefits it offers you in your everyday life.

What if just noticing, simply being in what you are doing, was the real tonic, the practice?

Let me help you unload the weight of the "should do" list, and as you actually do, be where you are. I question how complicated we have made feeling our way through life, the good, the boring, the mundane, the challenging, the beautiful, the fun, why should it not just be what it is as you are in it, as you live it?

Mindfulness is a moment-by-moment awareness. I grapple a little with its definition as I am uncertain that many of us could attain such a sustained depth of focus for a 16-hour day. I hesitate to call it that, do I lean into the concept? Absolutely.

What if being as you are doing is all it took for you to experience the benefits of what is really your choice of practice?

As you live, simply notice what life it is you are living.

When you take your long deep slow breath, appreciate it.

When you release the tight hold you keep on your body, feel it.

Let yourself taste, smell, see, hear, touch and love the abundance of beauty that fills our everyday lives.

At first you might not notice your thoughts slow, or that calm is edging in.

The benefits of living your daily practice become the delight in your every day.

Don't miss out on what actually is by trying too hard, by overcomplicating the simple beauty, pleasures, and true gifts of the life we already live.

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