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For the adventure

There will come a time when life asks you, what it is you want.

What it is your soul craves.

What you are willing to give of yourself to get that which you have asked for.

How far can you bend, how long can you hold on, what of yourself are you willing to trade to have that which you seek?

So when the time comes and the universe places the question at your feet, your response will be held with the gravity that came with the question..

What is it that you want?

Your energy is already delivered.

The wanting, the craving, the desire is all there, in the moment time opens and you are asked to step forward, to rise, to hold in hand the very depth of that which you spoke of to the universe.

A vibration of your wilding breath steadies you in preparation for the adventure.

The step forward, the acceptance, the unknown, the willingness, the eager anticipation floods your senses.

Without hesitation, with a readiness for the new a resilience of light brings you into the flurry of the moment that you have been missing because the wanting took over.

Surrender to it all for the adventure, by the strength of your longing swept up, be swept away...

Let yourself wait for the ending.

Find serenity in the patience you are bound to honour.

For the life you are seeking is held in trust by the universe.

The whisper that fell from your soul to the ears of the beginning.

Life is what you are willing to seek, to let go of, to trade for the adventure.


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