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Ladies, in our next life let’s come back as a man.

The modern woman lives in a world that is unsustainable for the next generation.

The messages are that you can be fit and fab at 20, 30, 40, 50 & of course 60 is the new 30! So especially then!

The inspirational health bloggers or vloggers suggest that you should get up at 4am meditate before your hot power yoga class & subsequent green juice. After you have burnt 1000 calories, found your zen, manifested & set your intention to do better today.

You race home to feed the kids a hot nutritious breakfast while packing a creative animal faces sandwich and sneaking in a hand written message of love and confidence.

Then of course it’s into the shower, because you are a modern woman - you are hair free mostly thanks to your laser appointments, yet your shampoo, toner & conditioner routine take longer than shaving ever would have.

Coconut oil, then heat protectant in, you blow dry, GHD and hair spray yourself into thanking god you haven’t perspired so much that you need a second shower!

Remembering to Brush your chemically whitened teeth with an organic toothpaste you pause and consider the tired woman who stands before you.

Snapping back into reality, it's time to moisturise, prep & conceal the wrinkles that Botox, filler & gravity have beaten, then air brush your base, highlight your filler cheek bones, a quick eyebrow fill in as time is losing those little hairs somewhere & of course you hold your breath while you achieve the perfect eye before getting into your size 0 Channel feminine yet restrained suit with your thigh highs & stilettos.

Accessories & Perfume to finish.

Now you calmly like the damn goddess you are stride to the garage with your iPad, iPhones & work laptop to jump into your luxury car with happily prepared children who are always on time for school drop off. Kiss & wave goodbye in the drop off zone before inspirational podcasting your way into the glass ceiling office..

Arrive at the corporate job of your youth dreams where on a daily basis you push to achieve the work load of a small foreign village, skipping lunch to binge on the charity chocolates when your blood sugar finally bottoms out & you are feeling both sick & dizzy. Regretting every damn chocolate you know that tomorrow you will stick to your paleo, keto, gluten free protein ball diet for sure!

Out the door of the office to pick up the kids, hand them their incredible afternoon snack you pre prepared on the weekend at meal prep time , handing over a nut free, gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, non GMO, organic delicious afternoon boost while driving the kids to two different sports in your designer Active wear with a pair of this months favourite Pantone colour runners.

Home for an evening of home work, showers or even better parenting a bubble bath!

Cooking while singing as the gorgeous Martha Stewart has told us we can, 3 courses with a smile and mandatory glass of French wine.

Into a Txt or evening talk with the girls while you sit on your work device just trying to finalise enough emails for the following day. You and your girlfriends giggle about all things daily life and start planning the next retreat you must go on to regenerate & detox your exhausted arse into a more youthful, cleaner living version of your fitter self. .

Showered again of course & into something very sexy, because you are horny & want to spend the next 3 hours being the minx that your husband reminds you, you once were before kids.

Satisfied the day is almost complete it’s time to ensure the house is locked, check the kids are asleep & set the alarm so you can rise again in 3 hours and live your best life all over again.

To all the incredible woman who live their version of this life, is this really the legacy we want to leave our daughters with?

Change can be created, we can live with less to have more.

Love Bec x

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