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Wellness as adventure, could you?

As we close out the first half of 2018, have you glanced at the goals you set yourself for this year?

What if your health and wellness wasn't an annual check list that you turned away from after January was finished ?

Starting from where you are, your current health, your current fitness level - what if you looked at your wellness and health as an adventure?.

Feeling good, as an adventure..

You creating an adventure for yourself to feel the best you can feel, could you?

Will you?

Learning, feeling and exploring a weekly adventure plan is so fun and helps to create a self perpetuating wellness cycle without having to track or monitor anything.

Adapting this philosophy will change the way you feel about getting out of bed, of how you spend your weekends and maybe even what you decide to do for family holidays.

The concept of Wellness as an adventure started for me some time ago, when I found Desire mapping. Seeking health and wellness became an everyday part of life. It inspires me to explore new places, people and experiences without letting go of my daily routines. It's a joyful way to care for my Mind, Body and Spirit.

Today I committed to experiencing and learning about Salt Therapy.

The Salt Caves are something I have seen and spoken with friends about, however I have never made the commitment to go. So today was the day, and it was like nothing I have ever experienced before.

The Cave is beautifully lit, the temperature is pleasant not cool nor warm. There are reclining chairs that allow you to find comfort for the hour you are in the cave.

Soft instrumental music plays and while you at first notice it after you settle, it becomes a consistent distant sound.

For me taking an hour to meditate is bliss and by adventuring into the cave it really heightened my experience. Actually it felt totally blissful, even more peaceful perhaps and truly unlike anything I had experienced before.

The calming effect of the cave was something I had been told about, however wasn't really expecting to be as evident as it was. You genuinely feel a sense of calm while in the room and for hours after you have left.

If meditation is not your cup of tea, a book to read is a great option.

The way the cave works is to infuse negatively ionized Pharmaceutical Grade salt into the room, over the hour long session. Salt therapy works to clear the airways of mucus and reduce inflammation triggered by allergies to dust, pollen or pollution. Being that it is also antibacterial this can have other positive health effects for people with varying skin and respiratory conditions.

Each Salt Therapy centre or Salt Cave offers a varying session time frame. Just be aware that in some places you are able to book your child as well.

Will I do it again?... Absolutely!

Putting your plan together is simple, week by week you can start with a new meal, a walking trail, a new class or a health product. Bring something new to your world. You won't need a day off or a baby sitter, you just need to start and review how you can adventure to health and wellness in your daily life little by little. Exploring is key!

Start with small achievable goals and strive to build on your adventures each week.

Explore the unknown, one experience at a time and let the wellness adventure unfold into inspiring you and your family to better your health all year round.

Go for it!

Create yourself through exploring your very own wellness adventure.

Bec x

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