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Emerge from your expectation.

As a minimum learn to require of yourself, wellness.

Of spirit, of mind, of body.


Of the rituals you create, the conscious movement you choose, the abundant rest your soul requires.

When a new year starts and your motivation is on high, you expect to see and feel change.

You push.

Too fast.

Too hard.

Self expectation becomes resentment.

Take a long slow breath, or take many.

Be gentle, pause, you are on your way to seeking a depth of self yet to be discovered.

A place where you don't question your value when it comes to movement, health, education, care or nurturing.

It is a self evolution that will become your highest priority.

The time you need, the elevation of your energy, your illumination of spirit is calling and asking for your focus to be on creating wellness. On taking charge of your wholeness. Of breathing into the happiness of a rested soul.

Emerge from your expectation with clear knowing that you will stand in the power of your soul magic and work to create that which you desire in your whole life. Not that which has risen from outside expectation or the false currency of comparison.

Unfurl from your expectations with grace, with the hand of your tribe, with the heart of your forbearing mothers.

There is only space for the magic of your wellness.

Welcome yourself home, to the light, to the life you choose to live with desire, to your wholeness.

Emerge from your expectation.

B x

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