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Conscious movement

Consciously creating movement brings so much openness and light to your spirit.

You create space for discovering more of yourself.

There is a beautiful sensitivity to planning the way you want to move your body.

Will you choose to move with power?

Will you choose to move with softness?

Will you choose to move slowly?

Will you choose to move with centred focus?

Will you choose to open yourself up to being vulnerable in the learning of your chosen movement?

Your body will require you to listen, to feel the deliciousness of the revelation of movement itself.


Believe in the wellbeing your movement creates.


The sensations your body + mind feel when you create movement will be held sacred by you and you only.

Be open to the experience.

Feel the freedom of not knowing what comes next, of learning new ways to live in the body you love.

In the practice of conscious movement you can make your body feel strong & your spirit feel empowered.

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