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Consider the idea of movement

Let us investigate your thoughts on movement - When asked about movement what is the picture that comes to mind?

Movement is often thought of as exercise, as gruelling rigorous, sweaty exercise usually to burn calories and for many that is the only function it holds. For each their own.

The pure joy of movement is usually only inherently understood once it is threatened or lost entirely.

To which the body then craves the momentum and freedom of that which it once didn't even acknowledge for exactly what it was - pure joy.

Functional training is very much the hip term for pretty much any type of exercise right now. It's the latest of the catch phrases to be used well beyond it's intentional meaning and aren't we really doing that!

Consider intentional movement, movement that is about making your body glide effortlessly through each moment of your day. Movement that is about releasing tension and creating alignment. Movement that allows your body to move with your breath. Mindful movement that requires you to be fully present in the body.

When you think about how you want your body to feel, there is certainly room for you to create a

vision and work towards it.

Creating for yourself a foundation of core strength, stability for mobility and flexibility is imperative to successfully being able to sustain either a gruelling rigorous sweaty workout or to live with ease and freedom in your daily movement.

Reformer Pilates is intentional movement that requires you to bring together your mind and body with a combination of stretching, strength and resistance training. It's benefits deliver more depth than that of simply burning calories.

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