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Swaddled in Yoga Zen

Swaddled, warm and totally enveloped in my heart beat I found peace as I lay on my mat calmer than I had been in years.

As an adult it is rare that we would be brought back to such a distant infant memory, if one at all.

I could not remember the last time I was not holding up a part of my world and to be laying there

completely wrapped up I deeply exhaled and let my tight grip go.

I let go of it all, responsibility, fear, courage, my willing, my hopes & dreams, my failures.

Then I felt a tear roll down my cheek as I gave in to the grace and freedom of being completely

embraced in this pose.

Of no longer holding up my world but allowing my breathe to hold me.

Of being given the space to see that when you step out of the story you create for yourself and into the breath - there is only peace and freedom.

My understanding of Yoga prior to experiencing Restorative & Nidra was brutal. I had experienced other styles / methods of Yoga and had not found my place on the Mat. My life had been so high stress and demanding that further pushing myself into poses that brought little comfort to my body and stress to my mind felt overwhelming and this type of practice required more than I was willing to give in order to reach the seemingly unattainable yoga zen that was described by so many in discussion and text.

Fast forward many years and on Saturday I stepped into my own studio, greeted by a beautiful familiar gentle voice and glowing face, I smiled from my heart - knowing I was about to reach that place of Yoga Zen once believed to be an urban myth.

My mat in hand I was feeling fortunate that I was able to spend the next hour open to exploring how this Restorative Yoga class would expand me, yet grateful for the peace I knew it would bring.

Creating a practice can be challenging, it takes showing up for yourself and being open to what may be when you do.

The health benefits of yoga are both physical and psychological and have been vastly documented over time.

What I most want to share with you is that not all Yoga is the same, you may find yourself exploring your breath in many different methods and studio's before you find the style that brings you that Yoga Zen, that I have since discovered is very achievable.

Be open to the evolution of your experiences and of yourself, yoga is infinite in the way that it can expand your quality of life and the peace it can bring your soul.

With light

Bec x

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