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Winter Friday nights - Bookclub.

Winter Friday evenings, bookclub.

Lets explore, discuss & contemplate the pages of some incredible titles while we share thoughts and opinions about life and how each page relates to where we are now or perhaps how we get to where we want to go.

As for the week, let it be what it was and drift away as we vow to hold tight to our very own Friday night calendar date of gathering to nurture our heart opening big discussions about all things that show up with each title and subsequent pages we pour over.

Our first book is "White Hot Truth" written by Danielle La Porte.

As a Desire Map facilitator this title I have been waiting for!

The discussion and perspective's around this title even more so.

Released on May 16 this title has been written and rewritten by Danielle.

It is for some long overdue with pre orders now available from Fishpond, booktopia, amazon etc.

Come with me as we picture how this works:

Each Friday night we will explore these pages and share the insights we find based on our life experience giving way to growing by sharing.

Let these nights prise you open and challenge your perspective by contemplating the insights shared by those who treat themselves to these creative evenings.

What a way to separate a week and deliver yourself into a weekend, from 7.30pm - 9pm on a Friday night Bookclub will see us discuss and deliberate it all in the comfort of a beautiful space.

Tea or wine, cheese or fruit and total heart opening juicy discussions about all things White Hot Truth are on offer.

Register via email at: