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Together We Rise.

For the next 42 days we will venture through a Soul & Body experience that aims to connect you to yourself.

Over the 6 weeks you will move your body every single day, connect in the Inspiration circle and learn at the weekly workshops with the other people in your team.

You will show up for yourself, you will show up to grow your knowledge, you will show up and inspire yourself and those around you, to rise.

Lets be clear, you will have days that are unfamiliar and these days will push you to require more of yourself - to reach beyond your normal boundaries.

You will be teamed with four other people in your group across the 6 weeks, these people will rely on you to be there each and every day to encourage them to grow & to allow to do the same for you.

This event requires you to turn up 7 days a week, to commit to yourself and your team for 6 full weeks.

You will experience personal growth + movement workshops, multiple teachers guiding & supporting you through various forms of Yoga, Meditation, Reformer + Mat Pilates + Zen*GA

There are 5 places available.

To apply please email -

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