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Let me introduce myself… I am Jeanie Cooper.

I first discovered Yoga back in 2000 and to me then, it provided a welcomed relief from back pain, which had been caused by mild Scoliosis.

Since childhood, I had considered back pain to be normal, only for me to discover this great fusion of movement and strengthening, offered almost immediate relief!

I became a regular at classes, attending several times per week, and then I discovered (and continue to discover still now) all the hidden magic of yoga.

In 2008, I took the plunge, completing teacher training in a Hatha Vinyasa Style, with Yoga Rhythms. Since then, I have been blessed to help thousands of students discover peace of mind, relief from anxiety, depression, insomnia… just to name a few.

Honoured to have taught across the globe (well parts of it) on retreats in Hawaii, Bali, Peru and have enjoyed a deep spiritual practice.

Last year, I settled in Scarborough, QLD and would be honored to share in your journey of self-discovery and strengthening of body, mind & spirit with the connected practice of Vinyasa Yoga.

Please join me on the mat!

Namaste, Love & Gratitude

Jeanie Cooper