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Kid's Pilates Classes.

First educate the child.

“In childhood habits are easily formed – good and bad. Why not then concentrate on the formation of only good habits and thus avoid the necessity later on in life of attempting to correct bad habits and substitute them for good habits “

Joseph H Pilates

Today’s children’s health is being affected by society’s increasing sedentary lifestyle, children spend many hours sitting at school, studying at home, sitting at computers, watching TV, and hunched over devices. The poor postures adopted while doing these things can cause many issues with children’s health, and posture.

Pilates can teach children body awareness and an efficient way to move, it can improve balance, posture, how they walk, run, bend over, and strength, giving them tools they can carry through their whole lives. Many advocates believe that when the core is weak, sitting and standing for long periods of time can be difficult, so if children are expending most of their energy in staying upright, their endurance may be greatly depleted when doing school work and homework.

While sport and being active in the playground is important for children’s development, they also need an awareness of their bodies, and Pilates can teach children an awareness of how their bodies move and can assist with postural issues resulting from a sedentary lifestyle.

The improved strength and focus on breathing can also greatly improve children’s self-esteem, sleep habits, and stress levels.

The children’s Pilates program at Arlais will incorporate fun games, music , and traditional Pilates repertoire to give children better postural awareness, stability , more fluid movement , strength , and flexibility.