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2 Secrets to trying again & succeeding.

It's all hard until it isn't.

It's harder to try again when you have tried before and in your mind, you haven't reached the goal you set for yourself, has that happened to you? It's happened to me. Then things seemingly get harder. Once you have tried it before and in your mind failed, trying again feels harder than trying the first time.

You know more, you have invested before and it didn't work and you don't know if you can trust yourself enough to really be able to see it through or to get the result you want. It's a tough place to be and it feels really lonely. If we were standing face to face I would want to hug you, I want you to know I've been there and so have many others. We can be quietly mean to ourselves, which just makes us feel worse. We can be rockstars at supporting others but when it comes to cheering ourselves on the sound of silence is deafening.

It's hard to try again, but let me promise you, it's harder to stay where you are feeling the way you feel.

When you are trying, you are already winning.

The first secret is to set yourself up for success and honestly not enough of us have been taught how to do that. Setting yourself up for success is a process that we skip time and time again which then leads us back into that ugly loop of falling, failing, giving up, and worse berating ourselves for even trying again.

Setting yourself up for success and working toward your goals changes a lot for you. Not only are you learning more about yourself and how your body works, day by day you rebuild your confidence and courage.

To achieve a different result you need to do something different. Hiding in a group class hoping no one will approach you or see you take a break isn't going to get you to your goal. It will more than likely lead you right back to stopping all over again.

The second secret to trying again and succeeding is to work on your own goals, not a class goal and not a group goal. Trying to start at someone else's level, or trying to look like you are keeping up with the other people around you, or comparing yourself can simply chip away at the courage it took you to try again. Leaving a class feeling flat and frustrated makes going back again feel harder than it should until you just stop altogether.

You must prioritise yourself.

It takes the support of someone who can take you through that process of setting yourself up for success step by step and then work with you one on one to achieve each and every one of your goals. And yes it will take a little courage. It's all hard until it isn't.

If you aren't sure if you can try again, let me know. I have been there and can support you through the process of setting yourself up for success. We can work on your own goals one on one so this time you can achieve them. This time you can change your story.

Bec x

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