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Movement, Meditation,Mindset &  Motivation

Classes + workshops

A R L A I S 

 :/~ meaning   "from the temple within" 


A fleeting thought becomes a whisper, which becomes a stirring within,

that becomes a calling to find what you know has been missing

from your life for too long now. 


If you are looking to get your Wellness back on track and you are not sure where to start, this Membership is for you.



Stretch your body, create resistance, start to connect with movement that makes you feel good again. Join the live classes or catch up on the recording. This membership is about making it work for you.


Learn how to use different kinds of breathing to help you find the peace you need or to boost your energy. Breathing is an important tool for helping you get your wellness back on track. 


Learn how and find out why meditation is so good for your wellness. Then it is time to put it all into practice over and over again. Each time you practice you will learn something different about yourself. Each practice feels different. The practice is the secret!.


Without a doubt, we all face challenges in our day. Some more than others and it is important to know that when you do you have some tools to help get you over the hurdle. 


This is a key element in your success. Sometimes we need some help keeping on track with our goals. Learn how to use your goals and values as the motivation you seek in your moments of choice. 


Workshops are available to you so you can learn about all different aspects of wellness. Sleep, Comfort, Connection, Habits, and much more. 

Simply join in Live or choose the make it work for you option and watch the recording when you are ready.

This is your invitation to grow, to learn, and to experience your wellness.

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